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Thread: Fan Spotlight! Would you like to be featured on our website? Win Gems or Gold!

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    Executive Chef
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    Sep 2014
    London, UK
    I am:LonePudding
    Fan since: Around May 2012, I think...
    Favourite game(s):Dragon Story & Restaurant Story 2

    About me:
    Hii! I'm in love with dragon story, I have 5 different accounts, my first starting way back in 2012. I love the TeamLava community, everyone's so helpful and caring here, it's very warm and welcoming! I used to be unsure about posting on the forums but now I'm glad I finally did submit that first post! I love trying to help others (when I know the answer which is quite rare) & I enjoy the community spirit especially during world events and tournaments. My current goal is to breed the rest of the diamond hybrids (so far I only have diamond, infinity, crusader, quetzal & black diamond), breed all the black hybrids, and breed all the pink hybrids. Maybe I'm asking too much but I love the challenge!

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    New Resident
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    Jan 2015
    our website).

    Fan since (month/year).
    October 2012

    Favorite game(s).
    Dragon Story and Fruit Mania

    Story about yourself.
    I first downloaded Dragon Story in October 2012 and ever since have logged in everyday and have met so many wonderful people in the dragon community! Many of my friends play and we get to discuss which dragons are our favourites, and discuss different breeding techniques we use! My favourite part is that we get free gold and gems for playing several other games! It is like a dream come true!

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    Stephanie Holmes
    December 2012
    Dragon Story!! (plus bakery and city story)
    I was gifted a kindle fire for Christmas of 2013 and found dragon story, it was a great game that was easy to play but still fun and so I downloaded the other team lava too. Unfortunately, my kindle broke, so I could no longer play ): (I downloaded it onto my phone but then didn't have memory for much else)
    But then, I got a kindle fire 2014 too!! The first thing I did was download dragon story, and I created a new Island. It's only been one month but I've reached level 16! Trying hard to collect more XP though!
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    New Resident
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    Feb 2015
    Your name: Doge
    Fan since: June 2012
    Favorite game: Pet Shop Story
    Story about yourself: Doge is my name, such simple, wow.
    Doge very poetic, doge will create much poem about life story.

    When doge can spare time, doge play pet shop story.
    Such time ago when doge found this game of glory
    Wow such amaze doge thought, doge play for much hours,
    By this game, doge had been overpower.
    But then, doge phone break, and so did doge's heart,
    Wow very sad, doge fell apart.
    But doge save up money and buy new phone,
    And doge's petting skills doge will hone.
    Although doge must start again, doge not care,
    Because now, doge is no longer in despair.
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    New Resident
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    Oct 2014
    Name: Tres Chic
    Fan since: 2012
    Favorite games: Home design story
    Story: Home design is my favorite game, and I have been playing since 2012. I love designing and when I found home design I was super exited!

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2014
    Your name: SARAH

    Fan since (month/year). 12/2013


    Story about yourself. I've wanted to be a farmer since I was a kid But married a city boy and he hates farming lol, Farm Story 2 is my favorite game to pass the time and have the farm I always wanted. Thanks TL for all you do!

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    How do you submit a reply every time I try I cannot get my pictures attached

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    The Honorable Panda
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    Mar 2011
    S8 FORUM
    Quote Originally Posted by saphiraetti View Post
    How do you submit a reply every time I try I cannot get my pictures attached
    How To A Post Photo On The Forum
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
    How to submit Support Request

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Nov 2013
    Mar del Plata, ARG
    Name: Silvia
    Fan since: September 2013
    Favorites games: Restaurant Story & Bakery Story
    My Story: I started playing because my daughter was playing RS then when I found BS I loved it and started playing too. I love to make new recipes every day, to decor my stores and to visit and take care of my neighbours. I can't stop playing this wonderful games, I feel I can't be alone with them!

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    Username - Cuppiecakes209

    Fan since (January 2011).
    Favorite game(s) - Bakery Story & Restaurant Story 2

    About me -

    The first game I played by TeamLava was Bakery Story. I downloaded it around the first month of 2011, it was after December since I barely missed getting the Forever Oven and wanted it so bad! It was a must for a low ranking user when food never expires. Myself, I am a gamer and it's wonderful that this game has survived this long and I still have fun with it since I first started playing. Recently the new and improve Restaurant Story 2 sparked my eyes when a tab popped up in Bakery Story. Until this day, I am enjoying both.

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