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Thread: Fan Spotlight! Would you like to be featured on our website? Win Gems or Gold!

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    Names: Mariella & Hachiko

    Fan since: May 2012

    My Games: Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, Dragon Story, Zoo Story 2, Petshop Story, Bubble Mania & Fruit Mania ^^

    My Story: My first Game was Restaurant Story on Android. I loved this game so I searched on my App Store for TL games and found all the rest and: LOVE THEM ! Every time I can’t wait to check my games. It’s great that there are always updates and new stuff in the games, that makes it more interesting
    One of my neighbors in Bakery Story is now a good friend of me, although thousands of miles separate us (she lives in the USA and I live in Switzerland). Can’t get enough from cooking cakes and diners and breeding tries for new dragons, it made me so addicted! So if you want, add me, I would love to welcome new neighbors
    Thanks TL :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by zhynabella View Post
    Hi I was wondering if the picture for the contest has to be a picture of a person or could be a drawing since I see people posting photos and drawings.

    Thank you.
    If you're not comfortable sharing a photo of yourself, you are allowed to post an original drawing of "yourself" (a character or avatar).

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    Name's beaglefamily

    Member since December 2011

    Favorite game - pet shop story

    My story.....

    I used to play zoo on face book
    When I saw that pet shop story was almost the same I had to give it a try

    I was hooked... I have a pet beagle and what is the first pet you get in pet shop story a beagle <3
    I play every day love getting new pet
    s and helping neighbors my pet shop is full of happy pets and some how I always seem to
    Have room for just 1 more.. if I might win please add to my pet shop story

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    Fan Spotlight Submission

    Your name : Avinafh

    Fan since : Dec 2012

    Favorite game : Dragon Story and Bubble Mania

    Story about yourself :

    Hi all...I am Avinash from India..m a student..before dec 2012 i wasnt android phone but when i got i tried to install few game and i got a game in which you have to save your tower and in that game for cash i had to install dragon story game..and that was the day when i fall in love with this game..i have seen a lot comment and like and downloads too so i thought i should play this game and you know what..after playing this game i frgt the game for which i installed the dragon stroy..heheheh...but then i saw many user were in good condition..they are having so many good and rare dragon so i decided to have m crazy about any game so i take it as task.and now m thinking that m doing good..i have so many rare dragons in ma island..and love them..even trying to get all..i wish TL can give back rare dragons too so i can fullfill ma island with them as i dnt want to leave any dragon..i want them all.. all ma frndz says that this game got ur girlfriend as at night when m going to sleep,i open ma island,do some work and then sleep..and in the morning..even when i open ma eyes..first i use to find the phone, open dragon story and do work on ma island..sometime i thing m gone mad..and in next second i realize..i was mad so no need.. i love dragon story..i have all the version of that even all game for the dragon story..even m student not earning member bt still i spend real money for that game..for this i have to listen a lot things from ma gf bt who TL plz dnt make this game bad as i dnt want to loose it..Thanxz

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    Ireland :)
    My name: Kitkat
    Fan since: December
    Favourite game: Bakery story
    My story:
    My friend got a phone for her birthday and she downloaded aload of games but bakery story caught my eye I always begged her to play but she was on it all the time I really wanted a phone so I aaked for one for Christmas but I got a tablet instead thtat was the best Christmas present
    ever! I downloaded bakery story straight away that was how I started the teamlava games!
    My avatar

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    Hey Pony? When will you announce the winners?

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    Name: Ty

    Fan since: I've been a fan since 2009

    Favorite Games: My favorite games are Bakery Story, Pet Hotel Story, Dragon Story. I have lots of favorites thats just a few.

    Story About Myself: I have been playing for about three years now. And i cant stop. My Favorite of them all is Bakery Story I play like everyday. Its amazing because some people think like its only a game but to me its more, I mean its so interesting and fun. The whole designing and detailing are what has me drawn in the most. I've also met a lot of cool people on this game also. On a rating scale of 1-10 i rate Team Lava and games a 100
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    Fan Spotlight Submission

    Your name: Yumi Demon
    Fan since: June 2011
    Favorite games: Bakery Story, Restaurant Story and Fashion Story.
    Story about yourself: I got my iPhone back in 2011 and was browsing for some new games to install and came across Bakery Story. The baking concept and screenshots got my attention. When I started playing, it was really fun and nice to bake in virtual. Since I'm clueless in baking in real life, so I'm thankful to be able to bake or cook in my virtual games! I was determined to turn my plain and boring looking bakery to something nice when I saw how amazing someone's else bakery looks like when I was browsing through the community in-game. Since then, I was addicted to TeamLava's game and went on started playing Restaurant Story and Fashion Story back in 2012 when I saw how awesome some of the decoration looks in the teasers. No regrets! Even if there's some ups and downs happening to the games, I'll still continue to play it as I've a bunch of wonderful neighbors!

    An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community.

    Here's my avatar. XD

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    Fan Spotlight Submission

    Your name: Jenn

    Fan since (month/year): Nov. 2010

    Favorite game(s): Bakery Story & Home Design Story

    Story about yourself: My boyfriend bought me my first smart phone in Nov. of 2010 as an early Christmas gift. One of the first games I found on the market was Bakery Story. I've been playing it ever since! When my friends see my playing the game they always say "You STILL play that?!" & I've recommended it to all of them! I don't know what I would do with all of my free time without Bakery Story! It's my all time favorite game! I started playing Home Design Story when it was first released! I have always looked for a game on the market like that so I was really glad Team Lava made one!

    An image of yourself: My bakery (It's my second one!)

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    When is the contest over?

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