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Thread: Fan Spotlight! Would you like to be featured on our website? Win Gems or Gold!

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    Fan Spotlight! Would you like to be featured on our website? Win Gems or Gold!

    Would you like to be featured on our community page like Bean Dog? We will select one lucky fan to be our Spotlight Fan, so here's your chance to win a $100 package of Gems, Gold, or Coins in the game of your choice.

    Earn some serious bragging rights and make your neighbors jealous. Respond to this thread with the following information and the Community Managers will pick our favorite fan to spotlight!

    • Your name (as you'd like it to appear on our website).
    • Fan since (month/year).
    • Favorite game(s).
    • Story about yourself.
    • An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community.

    • Your Forum and Game account must be in good-standing.
    • All entries must abide the Terms of Service.
    • All entries must be your own.

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    Fan Spotlight Submission

    Your name (as you'd like it to appear on our website).
    Ty the Dragon Breeder

    Fan since (month/year).
    October 2012

    Favorite game(s).
    Dragon Story and Fruit Mania

    Story about yourself.
    I first downloaded Dragon Story in October 2012 and ever since have logged in everyday and have met so many wonderful people in the dragon community! Many of my friends play and we get to discuss which dragons are our favourites, and discuss different breeding techniques we use! My favourite part is that we get free gold and gems for playing several other games! It is like a dream come true!

    An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community.

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    Red face

    Fan Spotlight Submission

    Your name (as you'd like it to appear on our website). LoisLane

    Fan since (month/year). March 2010

    Favorite game(s). Bakery Story * Restaurant Story * Fashion Story

    Story about yourself.

    Hello! My name is Marci, and I am in love with Bakery Story and all other TeamLava games! I first started playing Restaurant Story back in 2010 on my iPhone and it was so much fun I was instantly addicted. I played the game for a long time and got very good at it until I lost my iPhone in the 2011 flood in Pennsylvania. I was so bummed. In 2012 I was able to get myself an Android tablet and I got my favorite TeamLava game apps installed right away! I have been playing Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, Fashion Story, Pet Shop Story, and Dragon Story ever since! I love these games! They are each so much fun in their own ways and I play every game daily whenever I get some free time. Bakery Story is definitely my FAVORITE game because all of the tables, chairs and decorations are so cute and colorful and I love all of the sweet treats you can choose to bake. I have many wonderful Bakery Story neighbors and I hope to gain many more in the future. I always tip & gift!

    An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community.

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    Rhino Keeper
    Join Date
    Jun 2012
    Name dior

    Fan since 14 feb 2012
    Favorite games bakery dragon and restaurant
    Story : I was sitting in a train and some one was sitting next to me he was playing dragon story he was breading so I started asking him question about the game and he ended our conversation with the game is dargon story download it its awosme

    ID dior0
    Gems to Bakery
    My picture

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    Executive Chef
    Join Date
    May 2012
    Your Name RotomGuy
    Fan Since April 28 2012 (Dragon Story's release)
    Favourite Games Dragon Story and Castle Story
    Around the center of the year, I decided to take up the job of Dragon Caretaker. With Dragon Mothers help, I got off to a great start. I soon had a brilliant army of dragons. Then, I discovered the Kite Dragon. This dragon was Pink, a colour of dragons which is known for its splitting and stubborn. I tried to get this dragon for 4 months, destroying my poor Virtue and Air dragons breeding capabilities at an astonishing rate.

    Eventually I bred a Caeser Dragon, who's Emperor-like qualities made me decide to own a Castle alongside this Dragon Island. I turned a goat back into a man, a tree into a woman!

    Hey, maybe Ivy could brew me up a Kite Potion.

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    Rhino Keeper
    Join Date
    May 2012

    YOUR NAME (As you'd like it to appear on our website) : Thiny19

    FAN SINCE: February 2012

    FAVORITE GAMES: Fashion Story & Bakery Story


    I started to play Teamlava's games February 2012 on my ipad. I truly love all the games. But I love Fashion Story and Bakery Story the most. I got so addicted right away to the point that i sleep like 10 or 11 in the morning , or put my alarm on just to check the clothes and food orders. And even while im working, i still visit neighbors and decorate. I even worry if i skip a day of not visiting neighbors and maybe they will delete me haha lol:-D I even just bought another android phone so that i can start a new boutique and bakery shop again. I love the idea of Teamlava's events & contest , for the chance to win free gems but mostly to meet new people in every part of the world , to show and practice talents and be more creative. I really put my time and effort to participate because for me it truly gives me happiness especially im far from home and i can say it is really worth my time.


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    Fashion Designer
    Join Date
    Dec 2012
    Here Today, Gondola Tomorrow!
    ?Name: ☁ The Divine Cloud ☁
    ?Fan since November 2012
    ?Favorite game(s):
    ♥ Bakery Story
    ?On Cloud Divine's Story: I received my first smartphone on Halloween, and Bakery Story was the first game app that I downloaded, so I feel a particular sentimentality to it. It was during my last semester of post-secondary school, when I was struggling to determine where to go next and what to do with my life. I spent the majority of my free time, between classes and homework session, falling in love with red velvet cake, dainty tables, and the Madeleine Tin. Once a wandering waif, I found my true calling in culinary baking and enrolled in dual entrepreneurship and baking classes to follow my love for the pastry arts and the prospect of running my own bakery one day. Bakery Story allowed me to meet new people and explore interests that I wouldn't have considered before; TeamLava games let players like me live out dreams in wonderful ways ♥


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    Executive Chef
    Join Date
    Dec 2011
    I'm a tropicalee. From the Phils.!
    Name: Ice Smoothie
    Fan Since: September 2011
    Favorite Games: Fashion Story, Dragon Story
    The Story About Me: It was during a school night September 2011. I started playing on an iTouch I got for my birthday the previous year. I've always been into design; interior, architecture, digital, you name it, but I've always really been into fashion for some reason (maybe because I stand out from the uptight and formal and hipster clothing in my class). Anyways, I was really bored, so bored that I found myself scrolling through the App Store looking for a fashion game, mainly because I knew that interior design and architecture wouldn't have many results. A few dress-up games later, I landed myself in Fashion Story (You guys got me with the Lady Gaga outfit in your preview pictures) and I've been hooked ever since! I later found myself experimenting with other games but never really made a connection with them unlike with Fashion that was until Dragon Story came out. So yeah, that's about it, oh, and ever since I found an avatar template provided by you guys, I've been designing clothes like crazy! I even mix up their hair and make-up.

    The Picture of Me: (It's an original character.)

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Feb 2013
    Hi I was wondering if the picture for the contest has to be a picture of a person or could be a drawing since I see people posting photos and drawings.

    Thank you.

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    Apr 2013
    Fan Spotlight Submission

    My name: KimMonroe

    Fan since: January 2013

    Favorite games: Bakery Story and Dragon Story

    Story about myself:
    I started to play this year in January with Farm story. When I get the Mission to download another game, I do it every time. A few weeks later I' had farm, fashion, restaurant, pet shop, bakery, bubble mania and no time for my family or myself. So, i uninstall the games. Just dragon and bakery story I left on my tablet. And now everything is fine.
    A week ago I get the diamond dragon. That is so great, I always want it to have.
    I live in germany and have a little online shop with things for your beauty. The bakery story game is so sweet and always inspired me for my Shop. I sell ICE cream rings and cupcakes laces and so on...I cant get enough of my sweet bakery ....

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