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Thread: Fan Spotlight! Would you like to be featured on our website? Win Gems or Gold!

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    Fan Spotlight Submission

    Your name (as you'd like it to appear on our website): Tidus

    Fan since (month/year): March 2013

    Favorite game: Dragon Story

    Story about yourself:

    Gold, gold, gold! I love to spend gold! First thing in the morning I wake up & run to my iPad to check my dragons. My family tells me I have lucky fingers because I usually get rare dragons when I am breeding. The vey first dragon I ever bred was the Snowman dragon & my second was the Four-Leaf!! My mom, sister, brother & Aunty are so jealous!!

    An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community:
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    Rhino Keeper
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    Feb 2013
    Molly Fillmore

    September 2012

    Pet Shop Story

    I live in Minnesota but in Pet Shop Story I can talk to friends from all over the world whom I would never have otherwise known. Even though I have not met any of my neighbors in real life I consider them my friends. Every day I can count on my neighbors to make me smile because they write cute messages on my wall. I adore Persians and Pomeranians. I like bunnies and turtles too. I have a heart for wildlife. Someday I hope that people everywhere will care about their environmental impacts and stand together to force companies to discontinue their environmentally harmful practices. We all need to work together to create a better world. I do not own any pets because of my living situation but someday I hope to adopt a cat from the no-kill shelter down the street, and maybe someday adopt a dog. I love animals. Pet Shop Story is a cute game that gives me virtual pets. Thank you TeamLava.

    Me bein' a cat >^..^<

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    Fan Spotlight

    Name: Carolyn (aka Super Mom)
    Fan since: March 2013
    Favourite Games: Dragon Story & Bubble Mania

    I'm a mom of 4 children with a full time job yet I still love to spend whatever spare time I can find playing Dragon Story. The kids & I like to talk about what breeding combinations we should try next - especially to get that Diamond Dragon! I even have a diamond habitat ready waiting for him to come home to. My favourite thing to do in Bubble Mania is use my math skills to figure out the angle of reflection when those bubbles hit the wall so I can pop the bubbles near the top of the screen & knock down huge amounts of bubbles at once!

    If I become featured in the fan spotlight I would definitely ask for gold for Dragon story (so I can get the Treasure Dragon & the Stainglass Dragon).


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    MY NAME : arcngocbich
    FAN SINCE : 1/2012
    FAVORITE GAME : restaurant story, bakery story, fashion story, bubble mania, jewel mania, fruit mania..
    STORY :
    My name is Ngoc Bich.I'm 24 years old,is an architect.
    I play TeamLava games everyday because i love them.Nice to get acquainted with your same interests as me.


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    My Name: Shahar (Chortt666)
    Fan Since: juny 2013
    Favorite Games: Pet shop story2 and Zoo story 2
    My Story:
    I know I'm new player, But those games are not just a games for me.
    So...I'm only or finally 20 years old. But Since I remember myself I felt very lonely... I always wanted a dog.
    I love animals very much, all of them. At school I felt very bad ,I am a transgender FTM (born female-changing gender to a male)
    And I hated my life... so I didn?t have a lot of friend too and I wanted to made a suicide when I was 13 years old, but then,
    my parents made me a surprise and bought me a dog! after years that they refused to do that. My life changed. I started be more friendly,I stopped thinking about death and started to plan my future! A Future that I dedicated to him.
    I called him Buddy, he was a beautiful Golden Retriever. He was and be always my best friend.
    In may 20, he died from disease when he was only 7 years old.... I didn?t know what to do. I wanted to die again, I didn't saw my life to be worth without him.... I still blame myself because I didn't was with him in his last day... I was in another town and my grandmother
    called me and told me that...
    Several weeks after, At the beginning of this month my father bought me a new sell phone- nexus 4 and I downloaded the game ? Icy tower, to help the time pass. Then I saw the advertising- for the game Pet shop story 2. And I saw my dog in front of my eyes. I downloaded it,
    and every time I play it, I feel that I'm doing it for the remembering of my best friend, Buddy. It's helping me to forget my bad feeling...
    I hope, he is healthy now, at the life after death that I really tried to believe in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mathstagelover View Post
    I love evangelina812's story!
    I'd have to agree with that!

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    Jun 2013
    [B] Your name (as you'd like it to appear on our website). Domo2001
    Fan since (month/year). Jan. 2012
    Favorite game(s)Bakery Story
    Story about yourself. I love bakery story i think its the best one yet! My friends and i play it constantly and its so much fun to talk to them even during summer! I really hope i can win my ID is: domo2001 and im 12 years old!!!!!!!
    An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community.

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    Jul 2013
    Southern California
    Name: Andreea

    Fan Since: December 2010

    Favorite Game(s): Bakery Story

    Gems to: Bakery Story

    Story: Hi, I'm Andreea. Ive been playing bakery story, since the year it came out. I saw Bakery Story grow up basically. I've watched it emerge through the emoji phase and the sister group phase. I'm not on level 99, like you'd expect. Awkwardly enough, I'm only on level 53 wierd right? But it's ok, I love my bakery no matter what. Ive been with TeamLava through thick & thin. (ex: price doubling being thick, gem sales being thin I will always love Bakery Story, and it will always be my favorite app. Thank you so much TeamLava for inventing these games. It helped me be happy be happy when I was bullied at school, because my neighbors and I were such good friends. Lets just say, Bakery Story changed my life in one way or another. Thank you TeamLava for 3 years before, and many to come.

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    Jun 2013
    Name: Mimi Katt, Owner/Proprietor Katty's Diner
    Fan Since: April 2013
    Favorite Game: Restaurant Story
    Story: I never go out without my Kitty Ears crown. It might be weird because it makes me look like I have four ears. I wear glasses, too, so it's kind of like I have four eyes and four ears. One morning I was tired and I put my glasses on my head and my kitty ears over my eyes. Luckily, I realized something was wrong immediately. Katty's Diner is not as pretty as my neighbors' restaurants, but they are all nice and say nice things to me to make me feel better.
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    Name: Miss Sesame

    Fan Since: August 2010

    Favorite Game: Bakery Story

    Story: Hi, my name is Katie! I started playing Bakery and Restaurant Story when I got my first Android phone in 2010 and since then, I have played it on every device I've owned. What can I say? I'm addicted and I love the cute graphics. It's a nice way to take a little break from the real world and get lost in redecorating my fantasy stores. I have a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night to serve something and make sure I've collected all my tips (so I have space for more). I pretty much play the game whenever I have a free moment, either tipping strangers or just admiring how everything in my cute little bakery looks. I always make sure my star level is at 4 and tip/gift my neighbors, because I know people like to tip players who will definitely return the favor! I've spent a good amount of time fantasizing about how I'm going to redecorate my bakery when I save up enough gems to purchase something nice and wondering about what prize I'll get. Even though I am 27 years old, I don't feel too old to be playing these games! What matters is that you enjoy it and find some happiness in what you do. All in all, I really enjoy playing these games and will continue to use them to escape into my digital world of sweets and creative designs.

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