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Thread: Dragon Story Suggestion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by RotomGuy View Post
    Do you think these foods are good?

    Churries (Cherry + Hurry) - 30 minutes - 350 Food - 4,500 Coins
    Gnarlic (Garlic + Gnarl) - 2 hours - 660 - 30,000 Coins
    Spineapple (Pineapple + Spine) - 8 Hours - 1,100 Food - 120,000 Coins
    Dragon Fruit (Lolwat) - 24 hours - 3,750 Food - 550,000
    Spineapples already exist in Monster story.

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    My random idea's

    My idea's
    more options on growing food for enchanted farms, either a 2-3 day plant or maybe super expensive+huge amount of food

    Areas that are cheaper to clear, but are for decorations only ie no habitats. Eventually i know there will be more land than allowed habitats, but don't want to wait.

    A "plant all farms with the same crop" button, i know it's always buffbeats, why waste my time planting one farm at a time.

    A cancel button on farms incase you change your mind, don't mind losing the whole crop and coins if i change my mind.

    A way to clear news feed of unwanted news, really don't need to know which friend gave me gold the last 20 times, when i can only give 3 gifts away per day

    More building to do different things with the dragons, quest and arena are good(no i don't have them), but more things like races, or if the programmers want to try, prehaps the dragon olympics

    My idea was for questing was you send a group of dragons for a quest, and depending on which dragons you sent determined the result., not just sending a specific dragon, because people might not have that particular dragon. and to balance it out, it should cost food, more dragons = more food, and coins, ie the longer you send the dragons the better the chance but then the dragons are not around to breed or produce coins in the habitat. Ofcourse the rewards would have to be set, people would need to know what they wre investing, DON"T make it random or unknown, that would suck.

    Well my idea's

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    Quote Originally Posted by MariellaAmsler View Post
    - Things to buy with gold should be cheaper
    - breeding break up (so you don't have to wait the whole time)
    - less time on common dragons (not like 16h charm or 24h sunrise dragon)
    - being able to remove ALL fields
    - gold for all my friends not just for 3
    - more habitat at the disposal
    - New feature test for EVERYONE
    - bebing able to give neigbors doubled dragons of one's own, especially the seasonal like easter, four leaf ect.
    - not so expensive new habitats like cosmic 6millions!!!!
    - from every element, every hybrid combination before making new elements! for example mythic!
    - open old goals like nether portal (I'm not able to buy!)
    - bringing back the dragons from halloween edition (witch, zombie, boo and pumpkin dragon)
    - the dragons since new dawn needs sooo much food, it's exaggerated!!! so LESS FOOD PLEASE!!!
    - more competitions
    - pop-ups could go away when I saw them three times
    - it shouldn't cost so much to clear the bitter bark tree, wretch rock and moldy boulder
    - the clockwork dragon should be breedable or having to be got elsewhere than buying with gold only
    - there should be a "All" button when I choose friends for giving gold and ask for mystic map
    - news feed should be should be extinguishable (these "A friend responded to your request...." and "someone vistited your dragons...")
    - a REAL pearl dragon (not this drop, but a real pearl)
    - when a sentence cannot be posted because it contains an inadmissible word, it should show which one!
    - when you'll move anything, you shouldn't have to pull it where you want it, but just tip there and the item will be there
    - the push notifications should be detailed. I mean if you want to know when a breeding or evolution is finished, but not when your dragons have coins
    - in the album more registers like "the ones you have", "the ones you need"
    - maybe in the album should be the combination of dragons you used for the "...." dragon
    - more album rewards
    - when you're on an island of another member, there should be a button "invite". so you don't have to ask everytime "what's your ID?"
    - there should be more space for writing on anothers wall or a number of sign determined
    - more levels than 94
    - breedable treasure dragon
    - the gold souldn't cost so much, or just more gold for the money
    - plantable trees and rocks ect.
    - same as lolli12 said: a rainbow dragon
    - more dragons like planets (like saturn dragon)
    - less splitting
    - 5 Gold for every level up
    - different breeding times and less breeding time
    - endless space in the dragon stable ! I’m feeling pranked about paying 50 gold and just get 1 space !!
    - love this idea from opanugie with this awesom island!!
    - also this beautiful dragon by lightningougi
    - the selling prices oft he dragons should be different:
    100 common, 500 rare, 1000 super rare, 1 Gold ultra rare
    - collect all coins button
    ITA! Also, extra breeding den.

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    Exchange Dragon with neigbords
    More gift
    Dragon Treasur and Clookwork breding
    Increase habita
    Another isle
    With Android we can't get a lot of Dragons so another way for us to get them please

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    Quote Originally Posted by goddessnikole View Post
    ITA! Also, extra breeding den.
    Yes, we definitely need another breeding den.

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    Another idea ^^

    You should change the breeding times:

    Common: 0 - 10 hours
    Rare: 10 - 20 Hours
    Super Rare: 20-30 Hours
    Ultra Rare: 30+ Hours

    It would be great, so you could know which dragon you're going to get

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    Quote Originally Posted by RotomGuy View Post
    The player simply clicks accept and the transaction goes through. (if TL are feeling really mean maybe the transaction could cost time) The requested stuff is sent to the other player, the Delivery Fee is taken from your sendings and then they receive it.
    The Dragon up for offer is sent to you and put in your storage.
    That sounds like a good idea - though rather than the transaction itself taking time, the dragon you receive would only be the egg, and not the dragon itself, so you would have to wait for it to hatch first

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    If you want to take away dragons from the market, make it breedable for 1 week instead of only 3 days.

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    It would be great if we could personalise our island with various themes etc. We all love taking pride in how our island looks so i'm sure this would be a welcome addition! Also being able to get past level 94 would make things a little more interesting...why is it capped at that level anyway??
    Thanks TL for all your amazing ideas so far...

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    I'd like to see more options to buy gold..
    Like Paypall, phone or text?

    Because I haven't got a creditcard, so it's not possible for me to buy gold..

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