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Thread: Bakery Suggestion Thread

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    I have many a suggestion. Maybe we could have a World oven, where you could bake famous pastries from all around the world. Here are the recipes;
    Custard tarts
    Rice pudding
    Coconut macaroons

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    I would also like to see more wacky themes like rocket science, technology, adventure etc. I suggest we could have:
    Galactic rocket
    Space table
    Galactic chair
    Tech counter
    Pixel wallpaper
    Futuristic robot
    Solar oven
    Sunshine cookies
    Summer cake
    Picnic pie

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    Anita you are an angel. I'm not team lava but I read it & love it. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anitaangel View Post
    I have a lot in mind ... Why delete food from the list???? For example sticky cake. Where has it gone?. The new challanges (quests) should start with build your seasonal appliance and then cook your stuff on that instead of deleting food that I have earned stars for or want to earn stars for!!! Other gripe I have is that the seasonal appliances are gone per year, I had to restart the game from scratch a year ago, and I cannot recollect candy hatchers for example. I was hoping it would come back ... but Easter was gone, and I have not seen it on the list!

    Also we have to work for a dozen appliances --for example this candy hatchery, candy oven, candy cane maker, sugar coater, marzipan oven, santas oven that barely have ANY recipes in it... Appliances could be mashed together -- say candy oven, sugar coater could be one and the same, candy cane maker, santas oven could be the one and the same but with DECENT AMOUNT of recipes in them to cook. Not only one-two pages worth! Say truffle maker, chocolate dipper sound the same! And if you insisit of having a million appliances with so little cookbooks, why add parts to the list of troubles. What is the point in having different parts??? Two kinds of shamrocks really??? Why not one kind? So last years collection of shamrocks from neighbors cannot count for something? Seasonal recipes could go into seasonal appliances, making management of the good old oven and stove easier for the programer, less confusing for the user.

    I wish you could see how many more parts you have when you are building an appliance, not just how many is needed to build one, say you need 4 screws, you got the four screws, and 10 more, so you wouldn't need to look up the number of parts you have in your gift box and go back building more appliances. OR BETTER YET I wish there was an indicator on the shop list before I put down the appliance that you can build it right away, or you need more parts.

    I would like to be able to move foods on the counter from one to the other. At remodelling, a well-stocked bakery is a nightmare. It takes weeks before the food disappears from the old type of counter I would like to replace with a new shiny one.

    Like it was said in post #49 previous suggestions thread Release different recipes for appliances that have barely anything on their lists. I'd like to see wedding cakes too, it sound like there should be a lot of money in those ;-)
    #50 and so many others... A confirm button for your mystery boxes! Advertising them is fine, but when you don't expect it to pop up, you are clicking picking up coins from the table, and ooops, 24 gems are gone. It is really really annoying.
    #64 Select all for gifting would be great!!! --A buyable closed sign for vacation is fantastic! There are so many times when you have to inform your neighbors that you cannot be at internet's reach. You are not just simply ignoring them.
    #77 A tip jar, how brilliant! Those tables fill up so fast, and :-( I cannot gift asian neighbors who are asleep with full tables while I play.
    #84 Is a great suggestion too! Let me chime in, neigbors you have requested items from already that day, shouldn't appear on list of new requests.
    #88 If you are not bringing back limited items on seasons, then why do I want to keep scrolling through their parts in the list?? Like the darn shamrock, and eggs, bunny rabbit ears T_T Delete them from the giftable list, so people stop trying to send eachother junk instead of what we can use.
    #101 Remove invitation pending from list

    Fryer recipes: Churros, Funnel cake, Elephant ears, Fried oreos/snickers/cookies, fried banana, fried icecream, fried fruit pie, fruit fritters, cannoli, zeppoli, sopapillas,
    Ice cream maker: Sherbets, frozen yoghurts! Ice cream cake P-: Neopolitan scoops, ice cream sandwiches, sundae
    Clay oven: Sweet potato pie, Blueberry/peach cobbler, sweet potato bread, pecan pie, pig picking cake, Mississippi mud pie/cake, zucchini bread.
    Pancake griddle: Blueberry pancakes, buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, pancakes with strawberries and cream, peanut butter and jelly swirl pancakes <3, Crepes (European pancakes ;-) ) cottage cheese, cheese cream, fruit fillers. Potato pancakes (kind of like a fritter really), Corn fritter (pancake), soda bread, blintzens, scones, chapati bread, english muffin
    Candy oven: Sour Gummy worms, sweet gummy bears, peanut butter cups, lemon drops, caramel covered popcorn / chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered pretzel, fruit yoghurt covered pretzels, brittles, fudge, caramel candy, gum drop candy, butterscotch candy, rock candy, candy fudge/chocolate bar, candied fruits, candied nuts, candied jelly, taffy, licorice, caramel, divinity
    Italian oven: Apple Cinnamon +sugar dessert pizza, tiramisu, biscotti, pizzele cookies, italian creme cake, anise toast, amaretti cookies, cannoli, riccotta pie, sicilian cheesecake, italian herb white bread, black pepper rings, gnocchi
    Whitch's cauldron: witch's finger jpg
    Dehydrator: Fruit roll ups, Kale chips, Dried banana chips, caramel roll ups,
    Treat dispenser, frozen drink machine, juicer, mixer: mocha au lait, slushie, pink lemonade, cherry limade, party punch, Hibiscus water (Aqua de Jamaica), Peruvian Chica Morada, Avocado blast, cream soda, cola, orange soda, tomato juice, vegetable juice, sparkling grape/apple juice (kids' champagne), Iced coffee, mango lassi, java milkshake, minty cocoa /minty hot chocolate, macchiato, gingerbread latte / pumpkin spice latte, organic chocolate milk, berry tea (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry), citrus tea, iced tea, russian tea, bubble tea, lemon-mint iced tea,
    Shamrock, Lucky oven: Irish creme cake / pie, St. Paddy's soda bread, irish soda farls, Lucky iced cake (clover shaped of course!), Rainbow cake jpg
    3 bears oven: Too big animal cookies, too small animal cookies, Too soft meringue cookies, Too though cookies (just right cookies are just right ;-) in every way.)
    choco. dipper: chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate dipped banana pop sticks, choclate covered pertzels, choclate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered coconut bars, chocolate covered rice crispie treats, chocolate covered jelly
    Turkey oven, autumn oven: pumpkin bundt cake jpg, pumkin torte, harvest cookies, apple butter, apple spiced cake, pumpkin custard pie, squash pie, pumpkin pudding, baked apples, apple crisps, crumbcake
    Santasoven , winter oven, winter wonder: cranberry jello /gellatin, cranberry granola bar, cranberry orange salad jpg, cranberry mousse pie, cranberry pudding, fruit cake, christmas wreath (kinda like a monkey cake, but iced green and red), Christmas wreath cookies, Christmas star cookies (like linzer sugar cookies), Christmas peppermint whitechocolate fudge, christmas pudding, white christmas cake with green pine tree decorations (!), Christmas cupcakes shaped as pinetrees, christmas pinwheel log (it is a jelly roll, when sliced shows christmas colors), pfeffernusse, ginger snaps,
    Rose oven: Rose meringues, Rose petal pound cake jpg, run for the roses pie (a walnut choclate pie) decorated with strawberries cut and whipped cream in them pressed to shapes: jpg, arabian rose water pudding, Mamool crescents arranged in a rose shape, Neopolitan Rose Cake jpg
    Jazz oven: Lemon icebox pie, Calas Fried rice fritters, Banana pudding (vanilla wafers), pralines, king cakes, ice cream stuffed Snowballs, pecan pralines,
    sweetCo station (muffins galore!) apricot, apple, peach, Banana, blueberry, cranberry, cherry, rhubarb, mulberry, huckleberry, lemon, orange, carrot, pumpkin, maple, chocolate with crumbs without crumb toppin (strusel), Millet, whole wheat, oat, rice, corn, bran muffins, multigrain muffins, cheesy muffins, morning glory muffins, sugar coated muffins, calypso muffins. Cupcakes madness
    puebla oven: fruit filled empanadas, flan, sopapillas, sweet rice, baked yams, Sweet tamales, pastel galletas (cookie cake), churros, biscochitos, mexican wedding cookies, Puert Rican Custard, coconut pastries, leche asada, torta de hojas
    Bread oven: Sweet dinner rolls, scones, quick breads, corn bread, Monkey bread, naan, french baguettes, buiscuits, soft pretzels, bagel, pita, pita chips,
    Oven: Thumb print cookies, jelly rolls, Turn overs, snickel doodle cookies, brule, short cake (with fruits), New York cheesecake, custard, triffles, coconut macaroons, lemon curd, cherry jubilee, fruit flan, fruit over puff pastry, white chocolate macademia nut cookies, porridge, trail mix, s'mores, grilled pineapples /peaches/ apples, flambeed poached pears with caramel sauce, bread pudding, angel food cake, upside down cake, turtle cookies, hornets nest cake, sponge cake, texas sheet cake, molten chocolate cake, dump cake, death by chocolate cake jpg, boston creme pie, orange chiffon cake, cake roll
    Popcorn machine: rocky road popcorn balls, caramel coated popcorn, popcorn, cinnamon sugar popcorn, marshmallow popcorn bar, chocolate popcorn, truffle popcorn, popcorn balls, popcorn cakes,
    Cake froster: Congratulation cake, Birthday cake, wedding cake, German chocolate cake, coconut cream cake, white russian cake, Party cake, Easter basket cake jpg / Rabbit shaped cake, Anniversary cake, devil's food cake, Italian white cake, Ribbon cake, I heart you mousse cake, Animal shape cakes, fondant cake, cake pops

    Please I have put the effort into this post, I ask you in return, to signal back that you have at least read through it Teamlava. I have put so much time into this, that I don't want to repeat it for naught with restaurant story.
    Wow!!! They seem to have used LOTS of your ideas!!! Good for you!

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    I have a few ideas as well

    Zucchini Maker- Zucchini Bread, Zucchini&Corn Muffin
    Blueberrry Mixer- Blueberry Malt, Blueberry Slushie, Blueberry Shake, Blueberry Tea
    Kiwi Mixer- Kiwi Malt, Kiwi Slushie, Kiwi Shake, Kiwi Tea
    Gummi Maker- Gummi Bears, Gummi Worms, Sour Gummi Worms
    Yogurt Machine- Strawberry Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Kiwi Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, Plain Yogurt
    Marshmallow Mixer- Strawberry Marshmallows, Plain Marshmallows, Chocolate Marshmallows, Kiwi Marshmallows
    Jelly Maker- Strawberry Jelly, Blueberry Jelly, Grape Jelly, Kiwi Jelly

    PLEASE note that this list took a VERY long isn't long, but its thoughtful. Please read it over TeamLava

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    Oh yeah another one I had from before: A reset (or back) button for Design mode. It wouldn't put food back on counters you stored, just like you lose it now if you store a loaded counter, and if you sell something, you'd come back to an empty space, but it would be so nice to be able to put everything back and start over when I've made a complete mess of things trying to redecorate and just don't like what I've done to my place.

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    OK, here are some ideas.
    Breakfast Maker-Honey Pancakes(Goal), Buttered Toast(Goal), Breakfast bap, Morning Muffin
    Morning Drink Machine-Morning coffee, Black tea, Skimmed milk
    Also, here are some other items for Design area:
    Honey tile(Goal)
    Toasted wallpaper(Goal)
    Giant toaster counter(Goal)
    Alarm clock(Goal)
    Bedside table(Decor-Goal)
    Ready-made breakfast(Goal)
    Breakfast table
    Breakfast chair
    Morning table
    Morning chair
    This would come with a chain of goals, with the grand prize being Ready-made breakfast.

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    By the way, TL, please use my ideas. It took me ages to get this list complete. I even came up with the goals!

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    Wow, a lot of suggestions already, nice. I agree with most of the gameplay suggestions, especially the counter/food issues. I've also been thinking how nice it would be to have a new character, I mean there are 5 in Castle Story & we have only 3 (Loretta, Jean Pierre & the sweetco. lady, I forget her name & main character doesn't show up) and well I would love a little assistant who I could train, that would be a nice set of goals.

    I'm still not done mastering recipes, but as a (unemployed lol) Pastry Chef I love new recipes & I think we don't have enough high class items.
    How about:

    Opera Cake (good 1 day recipe considering the amount of work that goes into this cake, think 5 separate recipes in one cake)


    Genoise a la Confiture Framboise


    Monte Carlo

    I could go on

    Icebox cookies

    I could also name a few Caribbean pastries good for this summer (hint: very popular in Florida also)

    Pastelillos de Guayaba

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    Please, the SERVINGS are too much. There are players with 4,000,000 servings on their counters...thats 16,000,000 COINS at least! Thats supposed to be the profit but it takes so long to sell them unlike in other games.

    Business is Terrible in Bakery Story, Supply is extremely more than the Demand!!!

    Please please please, make the necessary adjustment.

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