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Thread: Restaurant Suggestion Thread

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    I'd love to see more country flags and some pride flags (or at least a rainbow flag) available as decorations. I also want to be able to customize my avatar with different hairstyles and skin, hair, and eye colors.

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    Hi! I’m back again requesting more expansion slots! Please!

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    Suggestion: Trade unwanted gifts for current goal parts. Even if higher ratio than 1:1.

    Benefits: Players could build goal appliances quicker and it would clear our storage of useless parts taking up room on S8?s servers.

    Drawback: Players may be less inclined to use gems to buy parts HOWEVER if you also gave us option to open Old Goals or buy prizes/appliances from old goals we?d probably use more gems. I know I would.

    There?s multiple old goal appliances/decor I?d love to acquire but can?t.

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    I would love for the stage tables and romantic dinning table to come back

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    Unlock the old stoves from past missions. Every month unlock 2 stoves from old missions, these stoves cost 30 diamonds and which player wants to buy it! I want a cupid foutan and a decadent stove and if they are unlocked now I will buy one! no matter how much they cost

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    This way the game will have a big win and the players will be happy! Business !

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    S8 watch how many players want the same thing! We even tell you that we will pay and ... NOTHING! Unlock all stoves from old missions to cost diamonds + regular missions and whatever stove, oven or fountain to buy and build! It's stupid of me to look at a lot of locked questions! I THINK NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO US HERE and we are writing about nothing. Watch what the players want

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    Can you guys please make the appliances the way they use to be? They require too many parts now. We can?t even receive 40 gifts in one day.

    I posted about this a few days ago and it got deleted.🤔

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    Instead of always having stoves and ovens for new goals, can you start doing drink appliances again? Like a stove and drink maker, or an oven and drink maker. We haven?t had a drink appliance for awhile.

    Also, can you place any decorations the game has removed from the buy list in a separate area? Filing through pages to find one, then place it, only to end up at the beginning again and having to start over, is frustrating. There has to be an easy way to place these items without having to go through the list to find your place again.

    Thank you! ♥️

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    How about an entrance door and an exit door so we can have customers coming in thorough one and out the other?
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