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Thread: Problem completing a goal. Need Assistance

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    Problem completing a goal. Need Assistance

    hi everyone,
    I apologize if this is a repost of a previous concern. I am trying to complete the goal "Green House Effect" the goal says to have to two green houses but, I have reached my industry building limit. Am I supposed to purchase more business? Can somone tell me what to do to fix this issue?

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    maybe you should try to increase your population. or you could sell one and buy another one. hope this helps.

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    You can put industries in storage and buy different ones. The limit is 6 industries in your city. Putting some in storage gives you the ability to switch factories when desired.

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    Thanks for these suggestion. I never would have thought it. ��

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    If you have a factory with smoke coming out it, place it in the archive and add a greenhouse. Once you have collected on the challenge, then archive your green house and place the factory with smoke back in. Hope this helps

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