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  • Stonehenge

    58 29.59%
  • Cat

    68 34.69%
  • Spinning Wheel

    44 22.45%
  • Carnivorous Plant

    46 23.47%
  • Wooden Arrow Signs

    27 13.78%
  • Shipping Port

    126 64.29%
  • Clover Patch

    35 17.86%
  • Water Tiles

    59 30.10%
  • Weaver's Hut

    84 42.86%
  • Yggdrasil

    66 33.67%
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Thread: Castle Story: Poll and Suggestion Thread - 4/18/13

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    Castle Story: Poll and Suggestion Thread - 4/18/13

    Vote for the items you'd like to see in your kingdom. You can vote for multiple items but you can only vote once.

    Is there an item/building or decoration missing? Add your suggestion here. It might be included in the next poll in two weeks time. Please give me plenty of these suggestions so I've got lots of options to choose from for the next poll.

    Just a reminder to think of upcoming holidays etc.

    If you've got a gameplay suggestion you can also add it here. Please note that these will not be included in a poll. They will be passed along.

    There have been lots of great gameplay suggestions. Pretty please can you make sure to include suggestions for items, decorations etc as well.

    You can also add your opinion in the thread requesting more gift options or this one on gem confirmations.

    Just an explanation on Yggdrasil, it's a tree from Norse mythology. It connects different realms together and has animals like dragons, eagles and stags.
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    Have a Castle Story question? Check this thread to see if it's already been answered. For reference info check here and here. Info on goals is here.

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    I would really love to be able to put trees and stones in storage again.

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    I prefer to keep castle story simple. Dragons seems out of place.
    Ya I know alicorn is weird too but nothing much I can say.

    I want to see more nice buildings instead of decorations since I keep most of the decorations.

    An arena for gladiators will be nice.
    Training grounds, barrack and stuffs that's make knights useful.
    I want thurston to be more useful like fighting other kingdoms etc

    In terms of education, arts and culture, I think it is already enough with libraries, observatory, amphitheater etc

    Ivy needs more associated buildings also. Treehouse, greenhouse, treants etc.

    And more walls please. I reach 100 already but my royal area is still growing.

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    Yeah, at least don't count storaged walls (and buildings!).
    There are 4 different kinds of wall already.
    Let us change decorations without selling anything.

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    Glad to see the shipping port or at least some form of connection to that ocean nearby is on the list! Yggdrasil is an interesting idea. I had been thinking that some kind of large Tree of Life would be an interesting landmark and source of renewable resources. Perhaps Yggdrasil would be equally interesting!

    Having access to the ocean could open up access to a whole list of goodies such a pearls, spices from merchant ships, and I think we would all like more mermaid scales!

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    - it would be nice if we got gems every so many times collecting a building or animal.
    - also getting more max energy (like it used to be) when reached higher level(s) would be welcome.
    - the unicorn is okay, but once a week is not very much.
    - also counting levels above 30, on which i am for several monts (not the only one whi wants to go higher)
    - cant we get more plots? the amount just is not enough anymore when you get higher

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    • Dock of some kind and/or water.
    • Need something more fun/challenging for level points. Fishing in a pond is boring. Gladiator/joust arena. Horse movement can't be that difficult.

    Grammar note above: "Just a reminder that to think of upcoming holidays etc." The word "that" does not belong.

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    I just read the part of the Alicorn quest today where Ivy describes Alicorn as a serene animal. I never would have guessed that!!! So I. Think there should be a quest where we help here get back to that calm state. Her excessive jumping around is too much like Dragon Story (one of the things I hated about that game was so much movement!! I have chronic migraines which didn't like that. ) maybe it could be an adventure to help use the energy. Or ivy could make her a calming tea. Or ...?

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    Think Yggdrasil would get more if peeps knew what it was before they voted. Wording is same as before, only noticed by chance & had not voted as not much stood out as castle stuff. Decorations that do nothing like pumpkins as a waste of space to me. At least click ono. To get something?
    Nice to be asked.
    Think waterfall & dragon came up last time
    Secret tunnel? Come out up those steps? Adventure to go down.
    Snake, to kill.
    Fire that will stop bad things comming within a area, near crops when collecting.
    A gate house or drawbridge?

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    I agree on max energy increasing with level. I don't think I'll ever get an alicorn, I've been doing adventures for weeks and no sign of the two things I need. It would be nice to be able to trade things with other players, like if I have excess carrots and need strawberries.

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