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Thread: Fashion story game not connecting

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    Fashion story game not connecting

    I have an Internet connection with everything connecting except my fashion story game it keeps telling me game wont connect I am using an apple iPad is there a game issue

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    I have tried turning off and rebooting my iPad still having connection problem only with fashion story. Am very cocerned as I don't want to lose my store I am finally on level 100

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    Just left my ATT store and tech geek there tells me that my IPAD is functioning properly but I still can't connect to my Fashion Story app! Still am waiting for a response from's quite painful to have worked so hard to reach level 100 and play at that level for four I can't connect or get a response from anyone. Please TEAMLAVA if there is a "Crash" issue please at least let me know so that I know someone is working on it!

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    I'm having tie same issue. it started yesterday. I've reinstalled tie game, tried another version, rebooted my phone. No success. i play on an android p500 HELP I LOVE THIS GAME.

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    Same here. Kindle Fire with a solid internet connexion. Have no difficulty in connecting to Bakery and Restaurant Stories. Fails repeatedly with Fashion Story. The fact that this hasn't been fixed after nearly two years is appalling.

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    I have the same problem....and I'm playing Fashion Story and Bakery Story on a Kindle Fire. Only have the 'internet' problems while playing Fashion Story. I have to go to my settings, installed applications and clear the cache, uninstall the game and then turn the kindle off and then back on. Once back on I have to install the game. It's very tedious...shouldn't have to do all this for a game.

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    I have the same problem

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