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Thread: Earth Day Story Telling Contest! - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    Earth Day Story Telling Contest! - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Winners posted here!

    Earth Day is quickly approaching! To get us thinking 'green', let's start by eating those veggies. Or we can just start with writing a short story. Show off your literary fortitude (and care for Mother Nature) for a chance to win Gems or Gold in the game of your choice! And don't forget to give a warmhearted 'Earth' welcome to your neighbors.

    Contest and Rules:
    • Think about what Earth Day means to you or what you feel it means to go green.
    • You can use yourself as the main character, a made up character, or even an animal or material object.
    • Do not write more than 8 sentences.
    • Have fun while writing your story.
    • Only 1 entry per person.
    • Post your entry in this thread no later than April 16th at 12pm PDT.
    • Entries will be judged on thoughtfulness and creativity.

    • 6 Winners will be selected and receive 30 Gems for the game of their choice. (150 Gems or Gold for our newer games).
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    Earth Day

    What does it mean when people tell you to appreciate your surrounding? What does does it mean to recycle, reuse, and reduce? Thanks to Earth, we are able to be alive. Without Earth, we wouldn't even be here. Without Earth, there wouldn't be trees. Appreciate your surroundings means that you should teasure the people around you, the nature around you, and the whole world. To recycle, reuse, and reduce means that you shouldn't take things for granted. Because of Earth, we have all those beautiful stuff around us so, don't waste the around you.

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    Earth Day means to me that you give appreciation for the Earth's environment. As well to help inspire awareness of taking care of the Earth. I feel that everyone should go green. Going green for me means to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and stop polluting. If we reduce, reuse, and recycle, it will help stop making things that pollute Earth. Pollution affects the ground, plants, animals, and even humans! Pollution is really horrible for Earth, and if we continue the Earth will be in trouble. If we stop pollution, go green, and respect the environment, it will help make the Earth a better and safer place for all!

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    Earth day to me is a reminder that everyone can make a difference no matter who you are by doing simple tasks/chores/acts to help protect and preserve this planet were living in. It is an eye opener that we humans are the main enemies of the earth and we have the ability to turn that around aswell.

    Save the planet, kill yourself (kidding)

    Love earth, its the only place we can live in...

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    Earth Day is a day to honour our lovely fragile homeland, this day we will express how we can show our respect to mother earth! Without the earth we would never be alive, without earth we wouldn't be able to breath and explore this planet. Earth produces trees and nature, without trees pollution could take over, but trees help us produce more oxygen! Earth makes rivers and oceans which gives us water to purify so we can drink water, wash food, take showers and go swimming! We all should show our respect by turning off the lights when not needed, wear green, eat healthy and bike or walk instead of driving! Tell everyone that earth day is coming soon and they should show their respect somehow! No matter what we shall make our way to help make Earth a better place!

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    One More Piece

    Tired of holding the crumpled plastic wrapper in his hand, he glances at the littered ground and wonders, "what difference will one more piece make?" He imagines himself dropping it. The crisp wind blows it past a young woman who then feels a little less guilty about tossing her soda can into a nearby bush. A child sees the shiny can and thinks it's no big deal to throw his empty chip bag into the lake...

    He freezes. Instead dropping his crumpled plastic wrapper he bends down and picks up another piece of garbage, then another. The young woman notices his actions, smiles, and does the same. The child watches the smiliing pair cleaning up the park and joins in, filling his chip bag with trash.

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    The Earth offers me her beauty every day of my life. In the watercolors of her sky at dawn, in the trees that slowly whisper in her windy breath, in the voice of all the animals that walk on her skin. Caring for her, trying to protect her are coming naturally to me as I breathe the oxygen that she offers me at each second of my existence. Each and every one of us has a link to the Earth. A bond that is anchored in each cell of our body. We need to urgently take action to preserve all that we are taking for granted day after day. The Earth needs us, caretakers. Listen to her plea so all creatures can enjoy her nurturing presence for ages to come.

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    Tyler walked outside and saw a bunch of paper on the ground. "Eh, I'll throw this away." Then out of nowhere, "TYLER! DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!" Tyler said, "But i thought it was the right thing to do!" "NO!" Said the mysterious voice. "YOU SHOULD RECYCLE IT!" "Recylcle?" Said Tyler looking confused. "REUSING A PEICE OF PAPER, PLASTIC, OR A CAN!" Said the voice. "Ok," said tyler. Tyler went to the recycling cebter abd recycled the paper.

    Moral: Always recycle!

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    Center* and* sorry.

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    Beautiful. ��

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