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Thread: TEAMLAVA What are you Thinking?

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    TEAMLAVA What are you Thinking?

    I have read many requests and fantastic suggestions from fellow players regarding, the Fasion and Decorations, their lack of existence and desire to have! Yet there is no "Feedback" from you TEAM LAVA telling us why we should stay!

    Frankly speaking, there are some Fashion Items that I personally will never put in my store! With that said, I will never earn enough Gems to buy decorations I like!

    So tell us! Something!

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    I like the game except that it freezes everytime I'm in the catalog. I have to shut off my tablet and start again. This has been going on for sometime. I delete the game for awhile then go back to see if it has been fixed. Almost a year now. Is there something that can be done?

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    I have the same problem....reported it repeatedly. Still not fixed

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