View Poll Results: What would you like to see in your zoo?

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  • Asian Elephant

    13 28.26%
  • Wolf Spider

    13 28.26%
  • Bobcat

    20 43.48%
  • Mekong Giant Catfish

    9 19.57%
  • Ankole Cattle

    6 13.04%
  • Proboscis Monkey

    10 21.74%
  • Jellyfish

    21 45.65%
  • Pet Centre

    10 21.74%
  • Butterfly Garden

    28 60.87%
  • Sage Grouse

    7 15.22%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Zoo 2: Poll and suggestion thread - 3/20/13

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    Zoo 2: Poll and suggestion thread - 3/20/13

    What animals, attractions and decorations do you want to see in your Zoo?

    Vote for your favourite items in the poll. Please note that it is multiple choice so you can choose more than one item. Make sure that you select all the items you want before you vote as you can only vote once.

    Is there an animal, attraction or decoration missing? Add your suggestions to this thread. Feel free to give a little information about what you want to see and why. Your idea may be included in the next poll in two weeks time.

    Just a reminder that Mothers Day is coming up in May.

    Have an idea about gameplay? You can also post it here. Please note that these won't be included in polls, but will be passed on.

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    Help the bobcat win by perfect votes!

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    i would love more expansions.

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    Persian leopard
    Arabian leopard
    Barbaray leopard
    Amur leopard


    White lion
    Cave lion
    Barbaray lion
    Asian lion


    Sloth bear
    Asian black bear
    Syrian brown bear


    King penguin
    Emperor penguin


    Bonellis eagle
    Philippine eagle

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    Couple of suggestions

    I'm not sure if anyone would be able to implement these but I thought of a couple of useful changes to the game if they were possible

    - When you visit a neighbour it should tell you somewhere when they were last active, that way if your neighbour list was clogged up with inactive players you could replace them

    - When you are sending a gift to your neighbours, there should be some sort of "Select All" box at the top. I like to give everyone a gift each day and when you have 100, 150 or 200 neighbours it can be annoying having to select every one individually

    Does anyone else agree?

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    I have 189 neighbors and I fully,certainly,completely,agree.

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    Date of last activity for users would be a great feature on all the TL games.

    I would be happy with any new animal.

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    I'd also like to add a Praying Mantis to the suggestion list

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    Monarch Butterfly, Scorpion, Orca Whale, Yeti

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    Yes, please more expansions!!!

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