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Thread: Frustrated, burned out and bored

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Nov 2012

    Frustrated, burned out and bored

    Author's Note: Not looking for sympathy and not meaning to sound like a whiner; just really need to get this off my chest and if anyone has any constructive commentary, I welcome feedback. If you don't want to read about how I feel about Failing Epically at trying to breed Event Dragons and how I consequently burned myself out, then just don't read for both of our sakes, thank you.

    So after trying like a maniac for a long time to breed either an Elf Dragon or a Fireworks Dragon or even a second Snowman Dragon since their initial release and consistently failing at both (yes, I double checked each time to make sure my mating pair had all the right colors) and after hatching myself a surprise Diamond Dragon in the process (that is supposedly MUCH MUCH MORE RARE) than either of the two Dragons I was trying to breed...

    I promptly got burned out.

    Seeing my Diamond baby was a mixture of -extreme- elation (I felt like I had a triple shot espresso!), and, owing to my extended frustration over my inability to breed Dragons whose length of availability I couldn't be sure of, -immense- frustration. Basically, the best and worst of both worlds.

    I guess the frustration won over as it was the icing on the cake and after hatching my Diamond and giving it its showcase place in my newest cleared out area, I fed my other Dragons, played with them a bit, visited my neighbors a last time and sent gifts... and then closed out the app and then didn't return.

    (In case my neighbors didn't read my Wall post and are members of this forum and happen to be reading this thread, now you know why I haven't been checking my game.)

    I have since 'gotten over' that burn out... at least... I thought I did, but I guess I still haven't as though I tried to pick the game back up, I'm... just not that interested anymore.

    YES, I bred myself a Diamond completely by accident and I should be jumping for joy (and I was and I AM happy I somehow managed to miraculously breed myself one entirely by sheer accident), but...


    At that time, after so much frustration with trying to breed Dragons that everyone was certain there were hidden Timers on, all I really wanted was either an Elf or a Fireworks.

    Honestly and truly, I will swear that that was what I wanted most at the time that I was breeding.

    As my previous month old posts in the various threads state, I tried nearly every combination possible when the most probable combinations repeatedly failed me and I even paid Gold to speed things up since I was in the middle of a very hectic work schedule and could only do breeding at very specific times...

    Given all that, to see a 44 hour fail time incited in me both joy and rage in equal but opposite burning intensities.

    It was THE EPIC of Epic Fails and after so many other failures that I had had, it seemed like I was being told that my breeding attempts for those two Dragons would be doomed. Easier to breed a Diamond than to breed a simple 'Rare' New Year's Fireworks. Elf I could understand being more difficult owing to its Super Rare status, but not the Fireworks.

    Which I guess brings me to the point of my rant.

    Though I somehow managed to surprise!breed myself an Ultra Rare Diamond Dragon out of all possibilities, I still never managed to breed either the Elf or the Fireworks and without knowing the Timer and figuring they would go away soon, I was breeding like a crazed maniac.

    Though they haven't gone away yet and though I am still trying, it is now half-hearted as my experience has shown me that it is easier to breed for an Ultra Rare Diamond than it is to breed for Dragons that aren't even on the same caliber of rarity.

    To see 44 hours after a monthlong string of SO MANY failures on top of so many other failures from previous Event Dragon breeding attempts was a literal shock and unlike some people who might be screaming for joy and may even forget all about breeding for an Elf or Fireworks, I ended up being floored by how -badly- I had failed in my breeding.

    I know that I ought to be really freaking grateful and happy that I bred myself such a surprise - especially when there were THAT many possibilities in my combination (and I honestly AM happy that I bred one), but I guess the disappointment - fueled by a long string of failures starting from Halloween (trying to breed Pumpkin) and carrying over into the New Year - keeps winning over.

    That said, I love my Dragons, still, and I love this game, still, and I still think I have some of the most awesome neighbors ever as we all seem to gift and gift alike when it comes to gifting gold and paying visits.

    But I burned out after the whole craziness and am apparently still burned out and... well... I would rather not be - especially since I have so many new possibilities to try and a new Diamond Dragon to be proud of.

    I guess it's just a part of being human; the human side of me that is emotional is still disappointed and thinking about THE Epic Fail of Epic Fails and the human side of me that is rational knows that this is just a game and yadda yadda yadda and that I ought to simply be happy that I bred such a rare Dragon by accident and that I could simply ignore all the pop-ups advertising all the new Dragons available to breed and just go about my merry way doing whatever, etc.

    But after what happened, seeing all those pop-ups just makes me want to groan and I am once again reminded that for me, it is apparently easier to breed a Diamond than a Rare or a Super Rare - especially if it is an Event Dragon and I can't help but wonder if for me, that really IS the Truth.

    Everyone's RNGs are different and everyone is going to have a different breeding experience; that is part of the 'magic' in all of this.

    And yet a part of me just can't stop gawking at what happened. An ULTRA RARE popping out before a simple Rare?!

    I take full responsibility for the fact that I used a combination that allowed such a possibility (I was VERY desperate at that time as all other combinations - repeated and otherwise - failed), but out of ALL things it could choose to give me in my string of breeding using that combination, it gave me the Epic Fail/Epic Win?

    I just couldn't believe it and I apparently ended up not taking the news too well in the end, hence burning out.

    So... yeah.

    I'm trying to get back into things...

    And have managed to breed myself a Parakeet (by accident) in my first attempt to breed a Caesar (the emotional side that wants to try and keep up with all the Event Dragons won and made me try for the new Dragon). Super Rare vs Rare and Super Rare wins once again as I try not to bang my head on my desk.

    Anyways, thanks for reading if you happened to read and if you happen to share any constructive thoughts, thank you for that, too.

    If you happen to be my neighbor, please excuse my lack of visits and gifts; I will try my best to get back into the swing of things and will hopefully be back to my gifting and visiting soon.

    If you are someone who visited me when I made my post about accidentally breeding my Diamond Dragon, I did not add you back unless you specifically requested it on my Wall. I know/knew a lot of you have long neighbor lists that can be difficult to keep up with and I didn't want to add anyone unless I was sure that they wanted to be added. If you wanted to neighbor me, please post on my Wall so I will know that you want me to add you back? If it seems like I was ignoring you, that wasn't my intent; I simply didn't know what your intent was - especially given how much discussion there had been about being unable to keep up with too many neighbors, etc.

    To the game, THANK YOU for the surprise; I'm sorry that I'm too stressed from all the crazy breeding to be properly happy.

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    May 2012
    I have been trying to get the Elf for a month and a half, only recently I stopped. I got my Caeser first time, and I like them so I wanted a second, so I bred Caeser and Fairy. Pow, Elf.

    So yeah, reverse psychology has gotten me most of my Super Rare's.

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    Aug 2012
    I feel your pain! Not being able to get that Elf has left me beyond it's like the Witch that I didn't get all over again!!

    Anyway, I hope you manage to get one before they go.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Nov 2012
    @RotomGuy: Funny, I had hoped for a Parakeet to maybe pop up when breeding for Elf since the color combo is the same, but I never got it.

    This time, I was trying for Caesar and wouldn't you know? PARAKEET.

    Maybe Reverse Psychology really does work!

    @Lolas_Kryptonite: Thanks for the well wishes and I'm sorry you had a similar experience --- twice!

    When I was breeding for Snowman (which came out before Elf), I ended up breeding my Land Worm AND my Wild - both of which I had tried to unsuccessfully breed previously after many, many, many attempts during all the other Red and Green combo breeding opportunities. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Hopefully you'll land yourself an Elf --- and maybe even without expecting it like RotomGuy was saying!

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    Oct 2012
    I wish i'd gotten a diamond as a fail for my attempts at witch dragon. No diamond, no witch. Lol.
    But I can relate. I can get pretty aggravated and disappointed when i don't get what I want, but I haven't burned out (yet). Just give yourself some time to breathe and try to relax a bit...take it easier.

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    Michigan - USA
    I have never been one of these lucky players that can breed something "first try". Never happened. However, I get them after 15-20 tries. Or they come unexpected. Like getting a second elf when trying for Caesar. And getting 3 Fireworks from trying to breed a diamond.
    I got burned out with the game a bit ago but for other reasons. I play on Kindle and got really upset about no updates. I had to make peace about it because basically what is the point of playing a game to chill out, if all it does is stressing you out ? I am over the burn out now. I choose to enjoy the features I have, and dropped my frustration over the no updates deal. I probably will never be able to breed the pink dragons, or the Valentine. I can choose to leave the game and not return. Or stay and play with what I have. I chose the latest. I do not have a diamond yet, neither do I have diamond hybrids. I still miss a lot of rare/super rare light dragons and 3 others. So, I have stuff to do.
    And even though, I sometimes catch myself being envious of IOS neighbors updates, I try to focus on the pleasure that DS gives me.
    I wish I could give you one of the Fireworks that I have or the second Elf that I bred trying for Caesar. Unfortunately, I cannot.
    I missed a lot of LE's on Halloween and Thanksgiving. I just got zombie. The others...I could not breed.
    Hang in there. You may breed them, you may not. Try to keep the purpose of the game for what it is : relax.

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    I'm almost positive the game KNOWS what dragon you want, and decides whether to give it to you or not, lol! Very few of my rarest dragons have appeared when I was actually trying for them.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jan 2013
    I so hear you! I've been trying for elf too, unsuccessfully too but my daughter got one on the third try! And I am trying very hard to live vicariously. The slots game is helping me, reminding me of the completely arbitrary and luck based foundation of the game ;o(
    We're all here with you, understanding your burnout! Be patient with yourself and take your time. The game will still be here waiting, when you're able to enjoy it again ;o)

    In solidarity,

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Nov 2012
    ... Dang. Talk about warm fuzzies.

    You are all awesome; thanks for the encouragement and for sharing your own experiences; I super appreciate it!

    ... And you're right. I just need to CHILL and relax and remember that I started the game to have fun... NOT stress me out!

    In solidarity, indeed.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Marion, MA
    I feel your pain! Filled up all my habitats with Life dragons trying to get the Snowman, not once but twice. When I finally got him, it was so worth it! BTW I have 16 habitats that would hold those fails! lol Anyway, you will get there! DragonHeart0 and I are on a journey to see if we can get away without buying a Light dragon. We've been told we are NUTZ! As I've said before, it is the journey, not the destination that makes this fun! Enjoy the journey!

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