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Thread: Unable to start contracts at my industry structures

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    Unable to start contracts at my industry structures


    Please help! I cant start any contract at my greenhouse or factory buildings. Start button simply wouldnt press! I am at level 16 now.

    I came across this site (
    it says:
    "You will need to purchase and construct the buildings where you can make goods. These include greenhouses and factories in the first fifteen levels of the game."

    What does in the "first 15 levels of the game" mean?? How can i produce goods afterwards?


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    Try deleting the game and re-installing it. You won't lose your progress, it is stored on Team Lava's servers.

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    Wow, thank you it worked!!!It was just a bug...

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    Most of the time all you have to do is turn your device completely off then restart.

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