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Thread: Thurston bug

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    Thurston bug

    I obtained Thurston's leggings, helmet, and breastplate. Upon forging the breastplate, I got the next "mission" to give him the 3 objects. I gave him the leggings by pressing "give." Then, I gave him the helmet by pressing "give."

    After pressing give, I got a "Bingo" popup. I cleared the popup.

    The game rest itself back to when I hadn't collected the breastplate.

    So, I recollected the breastplate. The mission to give him the 3 objects then reappeared.

    However, I now only have the breastplate to give him, which I did. It has a check mark next to it.

    I do not have the helmet or leggings to give him anymore, and no amount of fishing or troll fighting is giving me them.

    Ay suggestions on what I can do to proceed?

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    You need to email with your ID, game and issue.

    You can see this thread for more info:

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