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Thread: Confirmation for spending gold

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    Confirmation for spending gold

    We honestly need some sort of alert or confirmation message before we spend gold. I've looked around this forum and there have been many posts about sizeable amounts of gold accidentally spent by a misplaced touch or lag. In most of these threads a mod simply responded with a suggestion to email support. I am wondering if this issue has ever been directly addressed by TL and if it ever will be.
    I recently experienced this issue where my game lagged and I bought a Mist dragon (a common dragon I could've easily bred myself) with gold painstakingly saved from neighbor's gifts. I feel like this lack of warning is a scam to push people into buying gold with actual currency. I really enjoy playing Dragon story and I don't want to suspect its makers of any bad intent. But suggestions of a confirmation button have been made for months without any update to address them. A response more substantial than "any issues should be directed to" would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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