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Thread: Not quite sure if this is a bug. But......

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    Angry Not quite sure if this is a bug. But......

    I have been noticing that most of my neighbors have several food items that I don't. Mainly Christmas items. I brought the Christmas stove in hopes to bake them items. Snowflake Cake, Brawny Muffin, waffled, toast and that just what I can remember. But nope they weren't there. I'm getting a little mad and have decided to not bake anything until I get some answers. I'm currently level 58 which isn't the problem because I have seen several neighbors lower me bake these items. HELP ADMIN.........

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    What device are you on? I believe most of those recipes are on the regular oven.
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    What Are you playing on? Do you have the Chrismas update? Go to 'Forums", Then to "Lava Games Discussion", Then to "Bakery story". Look aound the diffrent forums for info. Also, on there check out "Bakery recipe inventory chart" By Shena. It has currant appliances, what they make and what you need to build them. Check out her personal web site for other game info. Hope this helps.

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    I play on my kindle fire, so aneroid. I don't believe I received an Christmas update. I have the same receipts.

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    I have deleted and reinstalled the game. Nothing. All I got was the got was the same message probally everyone received " on January 7th were removing all Christmas content.

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    Regular Oven/Easy Oven

    Well-Done Toast
    PB Chocolate Cake
    Instant Pudding
    Holiday Waffles
    Heart Toast
    Brawny Muffin

    Winter Wonder Oven (Xmas edition only I think?)

    Snow Brownies
    Snow Cookies
    Snowflake Cake

    Santa's Oven (Xmas)

    Claus Cupcake
    Holiday Cookies
    Reindeer Cake

    If it's not any of these (I may be missing one or two regular recipes) it may be from a previous years appliance like Marzipan Oven or Candy Cane Maker..
    Either way these are all removed now unless you purchased the oven

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    **need an edit button devs!!!!**

    No, Kindle Fire did not receive a Christmas version so you would most likely not have seen the two ovens I listed above. I'm unsure about the regular Oven recipes, but probably not those either.

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