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Thread: my Rob Bobson's House (costs 50 gems) is gone!?!?!?!?

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    my Rob Bobson's House (costs 50 gems) is gone!?!?!?!?

    I bought Rob Bobson's House a few days ago. Today (maybe 10 mins before I post) when I move it and it is gone!!! I cannot find it anywhere on the screen and in my storage......................... And I am pretty sure I didn't sell it. What can I do now??

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    Try restarting your device, or even deleting and reinstalling the game. If it still hasn't returned, email Give them your ID and what's happened.
    Whenever you are having issues, try these two things first - restart your device,
    and delete and reinstall the app. Your progress is saved on TLs servers.
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    It turned out that the house is invisible in some angle.............

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    When you say Invisible, do you mean when you rotate it, it disappears?

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