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    the amount of popups in ALL teamlava games has made it impossible to play!!! everytime i log into my game now, i'm subjected to 6+ popups at once. & when i try to play my game, i get the 'Processing...' message & then all my work is reset, & i get to go through MORE popups!!

    TL, if i wanted to play your other games, i would. if i wanted to purchase gems, i would. i only need to be told ONCE about the newest contest, content, or sale. not EVERY SINGLE TIME I PLAY!!!!!! please, TL, this is getting RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

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    I agree, it's off putting the number of pop ups every time you open it. I even have one of the games I'm getting a popup about?

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    Bakery story and farm are the worst I find for pop ups. Its just an excuse for TL to try and make us fall into gem traps.

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