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Thread: Suggestion for new level

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    Suggestion for new level

    I beat the game a few weeks ago, have gotten three stars on most of the levels and while I really enjoy the game, I feel like I've run out of stuff to do. It would be really cool if after beating all the levels or getting a certain number of stars you could unlock a bonus unlimited play level. A level with no time limit or goal where you can just keep playing until you run out of moves. it should kept track of my high score so I could keep playing to top my score while waiting for more main levels to be added.

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    Interesting idea! I will pass it along

    Congrats on beating the game!
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    How many levels are there? I'm on 133

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    please check the master thread for up to date levels:

    the most recent version is 1.1.7 on iOS and highest level as of today is 282.
    need help? send me a PM
    need tips on a Jewel Mania level? JM Master Thread

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