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Thread: Pet Shop Story: Suggestions

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    i would like to be able to rotate a pet's play pen. you can rotate everything else except this. it would be beneficial in helping things fit better and look better when placed. when you place a pet's pen, you have to put them next to each other in order to have room. it would also be helpful to have a bigger shop or multiple shops

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    thanks staceysb.

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    My only suggestion for the game is to increase the expansion limit, or at least provide us with different floors for the shop so that we can place our pets and decorations in an orderly manner. I'm a very high level player with quite a nice pet shop, and I love the game, but have stopped playing because I hate storing everything, like pets and decorations. There's no point giving us so many pets when we have so space to put them. Please give us more space.

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    I would like more expansions please! I don't have enough space left. And have to keep so many pets in storage.

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    New Dog?

    Hi, I really enjoy this game and I am just full addicted to this game.

    However I can't afford the Collie or the nursery bed because just to get both is $100. Is there a chance where maybe at some high level we can unlock a new nursery bed. However I would really love it if you added a Weimaraner

    they are such beautiful dogs and would even buy one if it could only be bought by gems.

    and if it was created maybe add a Weimardoodle which is crossed between Poodle and Weimaraner; or a Labmaraner which is Weimaraner crossed with Labrador

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    I agree with everything said. Fair enough that TL needs to make some cash but it's unfair to completely disregard their loyal customers and players. There's been some great suggestions in this thread to aid both sides, I do hope they consider some. I also feel somewhat suspicious that I've bought gems on one occasion yet haven't had a gem sale in my total 4 months of daily gameplay whereas my brother who has played for half the time has had 2 sales and hasn't made any purchases.

    Anyway the only unmentioned suggestion I thought of was, (it is a minor), that sometimes the pens don't match the pet's characters. Anyone else think this? ie. ****zu, English Sheepdog, Selkirk Rex, St Bernard, Chussel.. etc..

    But yeah keep it up TL guys you do a great job we just really wish you could be a lil easier on us devotees with the gems please!!

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    EXPANSION ... EXPLANSION ... EXPANSION .... I just counted, and I have 97 pets in storage - and they're not ALL seasonal (thx giving, xmas, easter, etc) -- and 104 in the petshop, and I don't have half the gem only pets ... of all games, this is one that requires quite a larger store. If it's a money issue I have the perfect idea!! Take the money you make from Dragon Story (the TL cash cow? yes, I play that too) and use it to expand pet shop story. I play 8 difft TL games, and while this one is a no brainer (literally), the goal is to showcase your shop - can't do it when half the pets and deco are in storage. So how bout it? Expansion... please?

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    Fig Parrot

    Calico Cat

    Leopard Gecko

    These are some new pets ideas

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    Aww that Calico kitten is so adorable. Anyways I've noticed for a while that leaving up in this game is pretty hard, there needs to be a way to either get more Exp from pets or less Exp to get to next level. I'm still only on level 54 and the newest pets are almost always level locked, and when or if ever Tortoiseshell cats, and other pets I want are in the game I can't get to buy them, because they are on a higher level. I've been wanting Torties in this game for a while now and I would be very disappointed if I couldn't get them because I not on high enough level.

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    I don't have a new pet suggestion atm but I do have one for a display. Someone may have suggested this already but a cute display of pet outfits & little accessories would be awesome. Like little dresses, costumes, hats, shoes etc. :-)

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