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Thread: Dress a Snowman - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    Mrs Fruity Snow-woman

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    Happy holidays everyone and good luck! ^_^

    Here's my entry:

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    Here is my entry : "Snow princess"

    I believe that the costume of my snowman is a dream dress of almost girl for the Christmas party.
    Have fun!

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    I drew in a ribbon, sorry for double post! I am really done now! haha
    Again, click image for full size if desired, thank you!

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    Hello everyone !!!

    Here's mine

    If I win I want the gold for Dragon Story. ^_^

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    Anyone scream for ice cream?

    Ms. Snowman is staying warm this winter by layering up on her yummy ICE CREAM SUIT and Santa hat so you can bet that she will stay extremely "sweet" (rather than "cold", hehe)!

    Tried to make it painting-like. Gosh I need to improve my art skills!

    Great job everyone! Happy Holidays ^.^

    PS: Entering for Bakery Story

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    This was my first time creating an image on a computer and it took me a really long time to make. I guarantee this snow-woman will be toasty warm this holiday.. hope you all like her

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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Sorry I am not a very good artist. Would like winnings to go to Dragon Story. Thanks!!!
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    Merry Chirstmas!

    Hi everyone!
    Here goes my snow man!

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