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Thread: Dragon Story Game Guide

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    Dragon Story Game Guide

    Table of Contents
    Dragon Story Guide & FAQ
    Dragon Story Lists - In Progress

    Zodiac Dragon

    Dragon Story Basics /Newby thread

    World Event Dragons in market

    Coin Boost Buildings
    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Happy Thursday! Prepare your capslock and exclamation keys for the best news ever.

    We are pleased to announce that Dragon Story has been released on Android. Update your game to enjoy the latest features and updates!

    This version includes the following features:
    • Facebook Connect
    • Treasure Dragon (type). You can now earn Gold from these Dragons!
    • Storage
    • Crafting
    • Trading Portal
    • Quest Outpost
    • Battle Arena + Tournaments
    • Healing Spring
    • World Events
    • Promotions like Spin To Win and Bundle Packs
    • Mining
    • Dragon Stable

    Share your feedback about the new update here!

    Game Guide


    Bomb Dragons- They will be counted towards the same limit of 25. However, the game will allow you to collect over the limit from the Dragon.

    However you won't be able to earn them through the regular drops until you drop below the limit.

    STARTING PLAYERS - How to get Rich
    How to collect Gold Dragons (all possible combinations)
    Noble Crystal (IOS)
    TeamLava's Guide to Gifting
    Hidden Colors Guide

    Items received from Trading Dragons
    List of Dragon Threads
    Dragon Battles
    Feature Overview: Dragon Quests [iOS]


    New Features (IOS)Overview: Trading and Crafting(UPDATED 12-12-12)
    Need more habitats

    Dragon Mining Guide (IOS)

    New Expansions! 8-20-15


    Dragon Stable

    11-7-18 updated

    Dragon Stable 25 gold holds 5 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 70 gold holds 10 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 140 gold holds 20 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 360 gold holds 40 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1000 gold holds 80 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1000 gold holds 130 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1500 gold holds 200 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1800 gold holds 300 Dragons

    8-5-15- New lower prices

    Level 1: 25 Gold, 5 Dragons
    Level 2: 70 Gold, 10 Dragons
    Level 3: 140 Gold, 20 Dragons
    Level 4: 360 Gold, 40 Dragons
    Level 5: 1000 Gold, 80 Dragons

    Old prices:

    Original Holds 1 Dragon - 50 gold
    Upgrade Holds 2 Dragons - 100 gold
    Upgrade Holds 4 Dragons - 200 gold
    Upgrade Holds 10 Dragons - 1,200 gold
    Upgrade Holds 25 Dragons - 5,000 gold

    Event levels
    High: 111+
    Med: 41-110
    Low: 14-40


    Questions for this guide

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    Introduction to Dragon Story:

    By Anaboe (see thread)

    For questions or comments you can post on the original thread here.

    An (as short as possible) Introduction to Dragon Story

    In dragon story the goal is to collect dragons. You can try to collect them all, but that's quite impossible. Some dragons are expired, i.e. there's no way to get them at that time. Furthermore, each dragon needs a habitat, and since there's a limit on habitat's, it's not possible to have them all: there are more dragons than there is habitat-room for.

    But don't let that keep you from collecting (or at least try to) all the nice dragons you want: try collect the ones you like, rather than try to collect them all.

    So, how can you do that? You will learn the very basics at the beginning of the game, but how do you get all those beautiful dragons that are not so easily obtained?

    Collecting dragons can be done in various ways:

    * breeding
    * winning a tournament in the arena (iOS only)
    * crafting in the spell shop (iOS only)
    * buying with gold
    * collecting enough items in a Summoning (iOS only)
    * collecting enough items in a World Event (iOS only)
    * album rewards (iOS only)
    * valuepack / starterpack
    * spin-the-wheel (iOS only)

    Not all dragons can be acquired through breeding: some can only be won in the arena, some can only be crafted in the Spell Shop, some can only be bought with gold. Some dragons have multiple ways to acquire them, for example, a Black Knight Dragon could be won in a tournament, or can be bought with gold.

    Some dragons have a level requirement, i.e. you can only have a chance at breeding them when you're above a certain level.

    Some dragons are very common, which means you breed them easily. Some are rare, some are super rare and Diamond-dragons are ultra rare.

    If you're aiming for a certain dragon, look at the colours he has, and make sure the parents have those colours. Pink, Diamond, White, Black, and many other types (for example Egyptian or Fairy) split in separate colours.

    Your dragons need to be level 4 before they can be used as parents. Levelling can be done at the Evolution Temple, once you've fed the dragon enough.

    Boosted breeding costs 12 gold and enhances your chance to breed a rare, super rare or ultra rare dragon. Sometimes, for a limited time, it's as expensive as a normal breeding.

    You can buy the Diamond Temple at the market for gold. The Diamond temple gives you a higher chance at breeding Diamonds, but only has a limited time of 7 days it has effect. After that you need to re-activate it, which costs gold and again lasts for 7 days.

    TOURNAMENT (iOS only)
    General information
    Once you've reached level 30, you can battle in the Arena. Once you've reached level 32, you can participate in a tournament. When there's a tournament, you need to defeat 30 dragons to win the price. The Tournament price is a dragon, which usually can't be bred, but sometimes it can be bought for gold. Usually there is 1 tournament of 30 rounds every 2 weeks, starting on Tuesday 19:00 CET). There have been a couple of short tournaments, 12 rounds, which started on Friday.

    Opponents vary from level 1, to level 20, a level your dragons can't reach. Battling a round costs silver.

    For starting players it can be difficult to defeat the high level dragons, but you can always buy your victory (the Ultimate) at a price of 30 gold per round, or 12 gold when you're battling in the arena when there's no tournament. For me, it was the only way to finish the tournament when I didn't have that many good, high level dragons, and I still buy some of my victories. When you don't have many good, high level dragons, winning a Tournament-dragon (especially a Champion-dragon) usually highly improves your chances in a next Tournament.

    A tournament has it's own thread on this forum and the whole list of opponents will be known there within the first days of the tournament: this way you can see in advance what rounds are going to be tough for you and if it's worthwhile to spend your gold. You always have a chance in defeating your opponent, but sometimes it's a very small chance. Since you can only battle once an hour (and healing your dragon costs 2 hours), you don't always have the time to try till you get lucky: sometimes it can take 10 hours or more before you defeat a certain opponent by chance.

    If you know on forehand you don't have enough time to play and don't have enough gold to buy yourself through the tough battles, you might want to keep your gold and wait for the next Tournament.

    Level and rarity matter, the higher and rarer your dragon, the better. Colour matters too. In each round you can deal 3 blows: 1 of them must be a critical hit, other wise, you'll lose.

    A defeated dragon needs to be healed in the Healing Well.

    CRAFTING (iOS only)
    The Spell Shop can be bought when you've reached level 8. You can craft dragons here.

    In order to craft items or dragons, you need parts or gems.
    These parts or gems can be acquired as follows:
    * trading your surplus dragons of level 4 or higher in the trading portal (for gems)
    * quest outpost (for gems or parts)
    * mine (for parts) You need to be level 45 to enter the mine and you get bombs from evolving your dragons in the Evolution Temple (there's not always a craftable dragon which requires parts found in the mine)
    * arena (for parts) (there's not always a craftable dragon which requires parts won in the arena)
    * asking your neighbors for Lotus Blossoms (feature in the spell shop itself)

    Sometimes you need to craft gems before you can craft the dragon you want. In the Spell Shop you can also craft other things like decorations.

    When you have no object selected, you see the market in the lower right corner. There you can buy the available dragons for gold. Decoration can be bought here too, usually for silver, sometimes for gold. Very few dragons can be payed for in silver.

    SUMMONING (iOS only)
    From time to time, there is a summoning. You can earn items by hatching dragons, harvesting food, questing a special quest and winning battles in the arena. Once you have enough items, the prize, usually a dragon, is placed in your storage. You don't need to place these dragons on your nest immediately.

    WORLD EVENT (iOS only)
    Basically the same as a Summoning, but it has more prizes, not only dragons, and a community goal.

    If you gather enough items, you enlist in the community prizes, which means that if all players worldwide have collected enough items, more prizes are granted and placed in your storage.

    ALBUM REWARDS (iOS only)
    Once you start to collect your dragons, you get rewarded for having unique dragons. The first reward will be given when you have 5 unique dragons, the last when you have 50 unique dragons. You can obtain 3 different dragons, food, some decoration and some gold this way. These dragons cannot be obtained any other way.

    When you play, you'll be regularly offered valuepacks or starterpacks which you can, for a limited time, buy with money. These packs usually offer a dragon and some food, silver or gold. At first it will be called "starterpack" and be offered at a very low price, for example: a good dragon, some food and silver for 0,99 Euro or 4,99 Euro. Be aware: you only get to buy the starterpack once! In my experience you can let the starterpack with a dragon you don't want expire, after a while you will be offered a new starterpack.
    After your first buy, you will get valuepack-offers, of which the price usually will be around 18 Euro, which is often still up to 70% cheaper than when you buy it in the market.
    Some dragons are only obtainable through these valuepacks and sometimes the offer is a dragon that has already been expired.

    Sometimes, for a short period of time, there's an event where you can spin the wheel. You can get food, silver coins, maps and even dragons this way. With gold you can buy extra spins.

    Timed events:
    Most events are timed, which means you only have a limited time to complete the event. For example, a tournament usually lasts 6 days: if you don't win all 30 rounds by then, you won't receive the dragon. The remaining time is shown at the icon in the top-right of your screen. Mind you, all time is rounded up, so 25 hours will be shown as 2 days.

    You can invite and visit neighbours at the social-tab in your menu. You need to have their Storm8-ID, not the name of their island. They can ask you (and you can ask them) for mystic maps (required to expand) and lotus-blossoms (needed for crafting certain dragons). Responding to a request doesn't cost you anything.
    You can also visit them and can tap dragons to play, which gives you a small amount of experience or silver coins. When they visit you to play with your dragons, you get an extra 250 silver when you collect silver from the habitat. Others can see how actively you visit your neighbours (your social rating) and neighbours tend to visit those with a high rating more often.

    Dragons make silver when they're in their habitat, some make a little, some make a lot. The higer the level, the more silver it makes, but some level 5 dragons make more silver than other level 10 dragons. You can use this to grow food, buy habitats, discover new areas, clear foliage, battle in the arena, sent a dragon on a quest, breed, buy decoration and even a couple dragons can be bought with silver. Habitats can only hold a certain amount of silver, so be sure to check in regularly to collect it all.
    There are buildings that enhance the amount a habitat can hold.

    You can either buy gold, get it from a quest, or receive it from your neighbours as gift. You can only give 3 neighbours 1 gold, so be careful with this: usually it's a trade "you give me, I give you". Declining gold is never a good idea.
    Regularly there is a gold-sale, at which the gold is offered at a discount price, usually 25-30% cheaper than the normal price.
    (Almost) everything in the game can be skipped, enhanced, bought, sped up or won by paying gold. There are certain things that can only be bought with gold, so use your gold wisely. Be wary of "gold-traps": clicking too fast may result in accidentally spending gold.

    An easy way to earn gold, is to participate in other Team Lava games when invited. Android-players will be rewarded with gold, iOS-players need to fulfil a simple quest on order to be rewarded.

    As you get more and more dragons, you need more and more habitats and thus, more and more space. You can clear out the foliage (costs silver), but a lot of space needs to be discovered before you can clear it to make room. This requires Mystic Maps, which you can ask from your neighbours.
    As you're discovered space grows, the new expansions will be more expensive.

    When you've reached level 80, you can go to the mine (iOS only) for more expansion-parts. This requires Dynamite, which you become from breeding. This also costs silver and time.

    Food is needed to level your dragons. Higher level dragons give more silver and have better chances in the arena. You grow food at the farms. This requires silver and takes time. Farms can be upgraded or bought upgraded.

    Arctic Isles (iOS only)
    When you've reached level 35, you can travel to the Arctic Isles, provided you have an Ice Age Dragon. On the Arctic Isles you can breed, feed and evolve dragons like on your normal island, only there are far less dragons and the hatching proces is different. The goal here is to have 10 different dragons on level 10: then you get Glacious the Ancient.

    Almost all dragons have their own goal and some goals have multiple parts. There are also goals that aren't dragon-related (for example: clear some debris). You don't need to hunt the goals, you can go after every dragon you like.

    Dragon Stables (iOS only)
    In the market you can buy the Dragon Stables for gold. When you buy it, it can hold 1 dragon, so it doesn't need a space in a habitat. You can upgrade it 4 times, at that level it can hold 25 dragons.
    But I guess that, by that time, you're no newbie anymore!

    So, I hope I've given you a head-start!

    For more info:
    (Old) Newbie question thread, now closed.
    Dragon Story General Questions-Part II
    Game Guide

    And don't forget to check out the other guides!

    Any questions, comments or addition can be given in this thread, so, if you still have questions, don't hesitate!
    For more information on game play you can see:
    Dragon Story Game Guide
    An (as short as possible) Introduction to Dragon Story

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    Dragon Story Lists - In Progress
    written by Maguar

    I've started to make some lists for Dragon Story. I'm missing information as I started the list when I was at level 9. I'm also missing the bits I'm not up to. Any help to fill in the gaps would be greatly appreciated.


    Edit 12-13-13

    1craxycajun has created a new spreadsheet: Message from her:

    Due to issues with the spreadsheet for Dragon Story, I've changed over to the new google sheets that seem to correct all previous problems. All previous information including The Breed Tracking Chart has now been able to be put all in one place. The New Links are :

    New Google Sheet:

    New Breeding Form:

    I will not be taking down the old sheets right away but I will eventually, but I will no longer be updating it. The Santa Dragon was the last data added to it. Anything new will only be added to the new spreadsheet.(above)

    Old spreadsheet:

    Quote Originally Posted by 1crazycajun View Post
    New & Better Dragon Story-Guide Spreadsheets-

    New Online Version-Dragon Story Guide & Link included to the Download page & a Link to the Breeding Chart also included on the New Spreadsheet.

    Or if you want to go Directly to the Online Breeding Chart

    I'm sure you'll be really pleased

    c = coins
    g = gold


    To see eggs in list order with breeding time please see this thread

    Name/Cost/Rarity/Coins per hour/
    /Color/Habitats/Max coins per hour

    Fire. 100c. Common. 70. Red. 329.
    Forest. 500c. Common. 80. Green. 376.
    Mercury. 2600g. Ultra Rare. 540. Diamond, Blue. 4320.
    Air. 2500c. Common. 85. Yellow. 382.
    Life. 50g. Common. 100. Green, Red. 450.
    Parkakeet. 500g. Super Rare. 160. Yellow, Green. 1280.
    Landworm. 500g. Super Rare. 175. Red, Green. 1400.
    Wild. 400g. Rare. 125. Green, Red. 562.
    Clown. 740g. Super Rare. 155. Blue, Yellow. 1240.
    Forestfire. 435g. Super Rare. 180. Red, Green. 1440.
    Pumpkin. 500g. Super Rare. 170. Red, Yellow. 1360. - limited time dragon
    Fairy. 400g. Rare. 200. Green, Yellow. 900.
    Genie. 300g. Common. 130. Purple, Yellow. 585.
    Seabreeze. 740g. Super Rare. 150. Yellow, Blue. 1200.
    Witch. 990g. Super Rare. 195. Green, Purple. 1560. - limited time dragon
    Coral. 300g. Common. 130. Blue, Purple. 585.
    Fruitful. 50g. Common. 99. Green, Yellow. 445.
    HoneyBee. 500g. Super Rare. 185. Yellow, Red. 1480.
    Athletic. 700g. Rare. 230. Red, Blue. 1035.
    Firestorm. 50g. Common. 140. Red, Yellow. 630.
    Mermaid. 740g. Super Rare. 170. Blue, Green. 1360.
    Mistmoth. 990g. Super Rare. 230. Blue, Purple. 1840.
    Water. 10000c. Common. 90. Blue. 405.
    Scorpion. 500g. Super Rare. 175. Red, Yellow. 1400.
    Eagle. 400g. Rare. 275. Yellow, Red. 1237.
    Mist. 50g. Common. 140. Blue, Yellow. 630.
    Atlantis. 740g. Super Rare. 165. Blue, Green. 1320.
    Aether. 990g. Super Rare. 250. Blue, Purple. 2000.
    Charm. 200g. Common. 100. Purple, Red. 450.
    Serpent. 600g. Rare. 240. Blue, Green. 1080.
    Familiar. 800g. Rare. 320. Purple, Green. 1440.
    Trickster. 800g. Rare. 300. Purple, Yellow. 1450.
    Planet. 990g. Super Rare. 190. Red, Purple. 1520.
    Island. 200g. Common. 115. Blue, Green. 517.
    Magic. 200g. Rare. 120. Purple. 540.
    Poison. 300g. Common. 110. Purple, Green. 495.
    Mind Volt. 600g. Rare. 220. Blue, Yellow. 990.
    Wizard. 800g. Rare. 280. Blue, Purple. 1250.
    Quetzal. 2600g. Ultra Rare. 530. Green, Diamond . 4240.
    Titan. 800g. Rare. 300. Red, Purple. 1350.
    Infinity. 2000g. Ultra Rare. 400. Diamond. 3200.
    Crusader. 2500g. Ultra Rare. 425. Red, Diamond. 3400.
    Diamond. 2000g. Ultra Rare. 350. Diamond. 2800.
    Gold. 2500g. Ultra Rare. 500. Yellow, Diamond. 4000.
    Love. 380g. Common. 255. Light, Red. 1057.
    Fuzzy. 380g. Common. 240. Light, Green. 1080.
    Light. 150,000c. Common. 225. Light. 1012.
    Griffin. 1000g. Rare. 310. Light, Yellow. 1395.
    Winter. 380g. Common. 255. Light, Blue. 1147.
    Hypnotic. 1250g. Rare. 325. Light, Purple. 1462.
    Laserlight. 1000g. Rare. 300. Light, Red. 1350.
    Dream. 1350g. Super Rare. 265. Light, Blue. 2120.
    Luck. 500g. Common. 275. Light, Purple. 1237.
    Ice Cream. 1000g. Rare. 315. Light, Blue. 1417.
    Tusker. 1300g. Super Rare. 250. Light, Red. 2000.
    Sunrise. 380g. Common. 245. Light, Yellow. 1102.
    Pegasus. 1000g. Rare. 305. Light, Green. 1372.
    Angel. 3000g. Ultra Rare. 600. Light, Diamond. 4800.
    Zombie. 990g. Super Rare. 200. Green, Purple. 1600. - limited time dragon
    Boo. 1400g. Super Rare. 280. Light, Purple. 2240. - limited time dragon
    Leopard. 1300g. Super Rare. 260. Light, Yellow. 2080.
    Aurora Dragon.1450g.Rare.290.Green, Purple, Blue. 1363
    Turkey.820g.Rare.164.yellow,red,green.770,yellow,blue. ?

    Locked by goals,yellow,red.752,yellow.1332

    Breeding times (what egg you get)

    Fire - 30 seconds
    Forest - 30 seconds
    Mercury - 1 hour
    Air - 2 hours
    Life - 3 hours
    Love - 5 hours
    Parakeet - 5 hours
    Landworm - 6 hours
    Wild - 6 hours
    Clown - 7 hours
    Forestfire - 7 hours
    Pumpkin - 7 hours - limited time dragon
    Fairy - 8 hours
    Fuzzy - 8 hours
    Genie - 8 hours
    Turkey-9 hours
    Seabreeze - 9 hours
    Light - 9 hours
    Witch - 9 hours - limited time dragon
    Coral - 10 hours
    Fruitful - 10 hours
    Griffin - 10 hours
    Honeybee - 10 hours
    Athletic - 11 hours
    Mirage-11 hours
    Firestorm - 12 hours
    Mermaid -12 hours
    Mistmoth - 12 hours
    Water - 12 hours
    Winter - 12 hours
    Hypnotic - 13 hours
    Scorpion - 13 hours
    Scarecrow is 13 hrs
    Eagle - 14 hours
    Mist - 14 hours
    Atlantis - 15 hours
    Laserlight - 15 hours
    Aurora- 15 hours
    Aether - 16 hours
    Charm - 16 hours
    Serpent - 16 hours
    Dream - 17 hours
    Luck - 17 hours
    Familiar - 18 hours
    Trickster - 18 hours
    Ice Cream - 19 hours
    Planet - 19 hours
    Island - 20 hours
    Magic - 20 hours
    Storm is 20 hrs
    Poison - 21 hours
    Tusker - 21 hours
    Mindvolt - 22 hours
    Wizard - 22 hours
    Sunrise - 24 hours
    Pegasus - 26 hours
    Quetzal - 32 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Titan - 32 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Infinity - 40 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Angel - 44 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Crusader - 44 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Diamond - 44 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Gold - 44 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts)
    Zombie - 28 hours (reads as 2 days when it starts) - limited time dragon
    Boo - 12 hours - limited time dragon
    Leopard - 14 hours
    Scarecrow ?
    Storm ?

    List of dragons at max level money per hour
    Please note that the coins/hour goes up as you level your dragons. I haven't tracked what the increases are.

    Atlas= 3216
    B.Swan= 2560
    Chocolate= 2533
    Eclipse= 2560
    Goblin= 3200
    Lightning= 3360
    Lotus= 2610
    Naga= 2560
    Night Elf= 3232
    Onyx= 2610
    Origami= 3560

    Fire $329
    Forest $376
    Air $382
    Magic $405
    Water $405
    Fruitful $445
    Charm $450
    Life $450
    Poison $495
    Island $517
    Wild $562
    Coral $585
    Genie $585
    Firestorm $630
    Mist $630
    Fairy $900
    Mindvolt $990
    Light $1012
    Athletic $1035
    Love $1057
    Fuzzy $1080
    Serpent $1080
    Sunrise $1102
    Winter $1147
    Seabreeze $1200
    Eagle $1237
    Luck $1237
    Clown $1240
    Wizard $1250
    Parakeet $1280
    Atlantis $1320
    Laserlight $1350
    Titan $1350
    Mermaid $1360
    Pumpkin $1360 - limited time dragon
    Pegasus $1372
    Griffin $1395
    Landworm $1400
    Scorpion $1400
    Ice Cream $1417
    Familar $1440
    Forestfire $1440
    Trickster $1450
    Hypnotic $1462
    Honeybee $1480
    Planet $1520
    Witch $1560 - limited time dragon
    Mistmoth $1840
    Aether $2000
    Tusker $2000
    Dream $2120
    Diamond $2800
    Infinity $3200
    Crusader $3400
    Gold $4000
    Quetzal $4240
    Mercury $4320
    Angel $4800
    Zombie $1600
    Boo $2240
    Leopard $2080
    Aurora $1363
    Turkey $770
    Scarecrow $752
    Storm $1332

    Name. Cost. Dragons. Coin Capacity

    Red Rocks. 200c. 2. 250
    Big Red Rocks. 5000c. 3. 2500
    Green Grove. 500c. 2. 1000
    Big Green Grove. 7500c. 3. 3200
    Yellow Plateau. 1000c. 2. 800
    Big Yellow Plateau. 30000c. 3. 2900
    Blue Lagoon. 5000c. 2. 1900
    Big Blue Lagoon. 20000c. 3. 3600
    Purple Gardens. 8000c. 1. 3000
    Big Purple Gardens. 60000c. 3. 5000
    White Meadow. 120000c. 1. 3400
    Big White Meadow. 360000. 3. 7200

    The cost of upgrading a habitat appears to be the same as buying the larger one. So in effect you're paying more if you upgrade.

    Dragon Food Costs/Level
    1. 1
    2. 4
    3. 8 (new players will need to evolve in the Evolution Temple to get to level 4)
    4. 20
    5. 50
    6. 100 (need to evolve in Evolution Temple to get to level 7)
    7. 240
    8. 500
    9. 1000 (need to evolve to get to level 10)
    NB. It takes five feeds to level up. 9615 food to fully evolve a dragon (this seems to be changed for the new Light Dragons - will post more when info is available)

    Name. Cost
    Nest. 25g
    Farm. 600c
    Large Farm. 12000c
    Enchanted Farm. 100000c
    Evolution Temple
    Breeding Den

    Upgrading the farm has the same cost structure as habitats.


    Item Price Exp Sell Exp/$ Sale/Price
    Stone Path $10 0 $10 0 100%
    Flower Bed $500 5 $75 0.01 15%
    Large Flower Bed $1,200 12 $180 0.01 15%
    Fire Banner $1,000 10 $150 0.01 15%
    Forest Banner $1,000 10 $150 0.01 15%
    Archway $2,000 20 $300 0.01 15%
    Flowering Hedge $2,000 20 $300 0.01 15%
    Air Banner $1,000 10 $150 0.01 15%
    Hanging Lantern $3,400 34 $510 0.01 15%
    Water Banner $1,000 10 $150 0.01 15%
    Magic Banner $3,000 30 $450 0.01 15%
    Castle Tower $10,000 100 $1,500 0.01 15%
    Diamond Banner $6,000 60 $900 0.01 15%
    Dragon Wishpond $35,000 350 $5,250 0.01 15%
    Picnic Park $20,000 200 $3,000 0.01 15%
    Light Banner $15,000
    Abandoned Castle $100,000 1000 $15,000 0.01 15%
    Dragonride Shrine $90,000 900 $13,500 0.01 15%

    Impruberries...$30...30sec...6...$5...5sec...720.. .1
    Buffbeets...$120...3mins...20...$6...9sec...400... 4


    Level. Coins. Mystic Maps

    Update 9-20-12 Looks like expansion prices have changed again. Pending confirmation of firm prices and times, we have removed this information from thread to advoid confusion and misinformation.


    Name. Cost. Time

    Update 9-20-12 Looks like clearing prices have changed again. Pending confirmation of firm prices and times, we have removed this information from thread to advoid confusion and misinformation.

    As stated at the start this is a work in progress so any help is appreciated.

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    List of items you receive from trading dragons

    Quote Originally Posted by JustKay View Post
    The rules are simple:

    Fire dragon (& coin bought dragons I think) & gemstone types & rainbow types & some special prize (LB, tales, etc) dragons - no trading
    Common dragons - you get a random small gem prize based on one of their colors
    Rare dragons with 1 color - you get two small gems for its color, and maybe a mystery prize (gem, scroll, dust or nothing).
    Rare dragons with 2 colors - you get one small gem for each color, and maybe a mystery prize (gem, scroll, dust or nothing).
    Rare dragons with 3 colors - you get one small gem for each color, and no mystery prize.
    Super rare dragons with 1 color - you get two large gems for its color, and maybe a mystery prize (gem, scroll, dust or nothing).
    Super rare dragons with 2 colors - you get one large gem of each color, and maybe a mystery prize (gem, scroll, dust or nothing).
    Super rare dragons with 3 colors - you get one large gem of each of 2 color, and a small gem of the third color. No mystery prize.
    Gold (producing) types - no trading
    Diamond types - you get 2 dust and a mystery prize. Not sure if the mystery prize is restricted to the colors of the dragon (who would trade a diamond hybrid?)
    Ultra rare dragons (non diamond) - no trading (as most of these fall under the special prize dragons classification)

    - If you have 99 gems then the trading options will automatically take this into account and won't give you more gems of that colour/size.
    - I think the dragon level improves your chances of getting a mystery prize. I regularly get none for trading L4 dragons.
    - Champions seem to be of black type (even though they split into black and red during breeding), some other special types like Olympus (Pink) behave like other base colors or their constituent breeding colors (ie. Gemini is black and green).
    - Egyptian & Mytic type is yellow gems.
    - Metal & Stone type is white gems.
    - Royal & Cosmic is purple gems.
    - Zodiac is black gems.
    - Dino is green gems.
    - Olympus is pink gems.
    - Passion & Elemental cannot be traded.

    Hey guys, starting a list of items you get from trading dragons. If you have a list post here.

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    We chatted with Game Design and Rainbow Dragons are not tradable. However, Diamond Prism is the exception to the rule because it's also Diamond. Diamond Dragons give different rewards like Nether Dust when traded, so the Diamond Prism is tradable to create additional opportunities to get these types of loot from them.

    Cannot trade Dragons

    Single color base, Crafted Dragons, Treasure types, Resource (Bombs, Maps, Food) Dragons, Rainbow type, Dragon Tales.

    1-9-2013- Edit(KP)
    I have been told some information may be different than orignially posted. I wanted to share the new information .

    Edit- some Dragons are giving different items.

    Quote Originally Posted by knj00 View Post
    Is the trading thread in the Game Guide still being updated?
    I have a list it:

    *Dawntree Dragon can be traded for a large Pearl, large Emerald and a mystery box.
    *Magic Dragon can be traded for one small Amethyst.
    *Peacock Dragon can be traded for a large Amethyst, large Topaz and a mystery box.
    *Virtue Dragon can be traded for one small Quartz.
    *Naga Dragon can be traded for a large Quartz, large Emerald and a mystery box.
    *Black Swan Dragon can be traded for one large Quartz, large Onyx and a mystery box.
    *Night Dragon can be traded for one small Onyx.
    *Night Elf Dragon can be traded for one large Onyx, large Amethyst and a mystery box.
    *Mythic Dragon can be traded for one small Topaz.
    *Atlas Dragon can be traded for a small Sapphire, small Emerald and small Topaz.
    *Cosmic Dragon can be traded for one small Amethyst.
    *Saturn Dragon can be traded for a small Amethyst, small Ruby and small Topaz.
    *Eclipse Dragon can be traded for a small Amethyst, small Onyx and small Pearl.
    *Fairytale Dragon can be traded for one small Topaz.
    *Big Bad Dragon can be traded for a large Topaz, large Onyx and a mystery box.
    *Cheshire Dragon can be traded for a small Topaz, small Quartz and mystery box.

    Thanks goes to grondai for this list!!!

    note: names highlighted in red have been confirmed.
    Common Dragons

    Light-Not tradeable

    Life Dragon(Forest/Fire) one small ruby/Or one small pearl

    Firestorm Dragon(Fire/Air) one small red ruby/or small topaz

    Fruitful Dragon(Forest/air) one small Topaz/or one small emerald

    Mist Dragon(Water/air) one small sapphire

    Island Dragon(water/forest) small emerald

    Charm Dragon(fire/magic) small amethyst

    Poison Dragon(forest/magic) -

    Coral Dragon(water/magic) small sapphire

    Genie Dragon(air/magic) one small topaz

    Fuzzy Dragon(light/forest) -small emerald

    Winter Dragon(light/water)
    One small pearl

    Love Dragon(light/fire) one small ruby

    Sunrise Dragon(light/air) small topaz

    Luck Dragon(light/magic) one small pearl

    Rare dragons

    Four-Leaf Dragon-One small emerald, one small sapphire, one small Topaz

    Moon Dragon-one small pearl , one Lotus Blossom, One small onyx

    Night Dragon-one small onyx

    Chocolate Dragon-One small pearl, one small emerald, one small quartz

    Caesar Dragon-small emerald, small topaz, small pearl

    Cupid Dragon-
    Virtue Dragon - one small Quartz.

    Rose Dragon-Small ruby, Small emerald, Spell Scroll or one small ruby, one small sapphirem, one small emerald

    Passion-cannot Trade

    Leftheart Dragon- small ruby, small sapphire,
    lottus Blossom

    Rightheart Dragon-small ruby, small sapphire, lotus Blossom

    Magic Dragon-one small amethyst

    Origami- Small Ruby, Small Amethyst, Small Quartz

    Tiny-small pearl, small quartz, Lotus Blossom/or small pearl, small emerald, small quartz

    Fireworks Dragon-Small Sapphire, small topaz, Large Ruby

    Eagle Dragon(air/fire) Small Ruby, Lotus Blossom , Small Topaz

    Griffin Dragon(light/air)Lotus Blossom,
    Small Topaz, Small pearl

    Fairy Dragon(Forest/air) One Small Topaz, Two Small emeralds/or one small topaz, one small emerald, lotus flower

    Pegasus Dragon(light/forest)one small pearl, one lotus flower, one small emerald.

    Turkey Dragon(fire/air/forest) small ruby, topaz, and emerald

    Super Dragon(water/fire/magic) small sapphire, small ruby, and small amethyst

    Virtue Dragon: Small Quartz(pink)

    Laserlight Dragon(light/fire)1. One small pearl , one small ruby 2, one Scroll/or one small pearl,one samll topaz, one small quartz

    Justice Dragon(virtue/fire) small Ruby, small pink quartz, small topaz

    Wild Dragon(forest/fire)1. small emerald , small ruby, lotus flower

    Mindvolt Dragon(air/water)1. One small topaz one small sapphire , one small amethyst

    Flower Dragon(virtue/forest) 1. One small unknown pink crystal and emerald 2. Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small pink crystal/emerald
    Kite Dragon(virtue/air) 1. One small unknown pink crystal and topaz 2. Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small pink crystal/topaz
    Bubble Dragon(virtue/water)1. One small unknown pink crystal and sapphire 2. Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small pink crystal/sapphire
    Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small emerald/ruby

    Serpent Dragon(water/forest)1. One small sapphire and emerald 2. Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small sapphire/emerald

    Trickster Dragon(magic/air) One small amethyst one small topaz , one small sapphire

    Athletic Dragon(fire/water)1. One small ruby ,one small sapphire ,scroll/ or one small ruby, two small sapphires/

    Mirage Dragon(fire/air/water) One small ruby, one small topaz, one small sapphire

    Wizard Dragon(water/magic)1. One small sapphire, one small amethyst , lotus blossom or one small sapphire, one small amethyst, one small topaz

    Ice Cream Dragon(light/water)1. One small pearl , one small sapphire , one lotus blossom

    Titan Dragon(fire/magic) 1. One small ruby , one small amethyst, one small ruby

    Hypnotic Dragon(light/magic)

    Familiar Dragon(forest/magic)1. One small emerald and amethyst 2. Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small emerald/amethyst

    Aurora Dragon(forest/magic/water) One small emerald, amethyst, and sapphire
    lotus blossom/ one small pearl/topaz

    Storm Dragon(water/air)1. One small sapphire and topaz 2. Mystery box: scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small sapphire/topaz
    Scarecrow Dragon(forest/air/fire) one small emerald, topaz, and ruby

    Super-Rare Dragons

    Passion Dragon- Not tradeable

    Amber Dragon - one large Onyx, one large Topaz, and one small Ruby.

    Naga Dragon-

    Peacock Dragon-One large Topaz, One large Amethyst and one spell scroll

    Atlas Dragon-One -One small sapphire, one small emerald, one nether dust

    Easter Dragon-One large Topaz, One large Ruby, one small ruby

    Honey Bee Dragon(air/fire)1. One large topaz , One Large Ruby, One Lotus Blossom

    Dawntree Dragon - large Pearl, large Emerald and a mystery box.

    Scorpion Dragon(fire/air) One large ruby ,one Large topaz ,Nether Dust

    Snowman Dragon(fire/forest): 1. one large ruby, one large Emerald ,one small topaz

    Parakeet Dragon(air/forest) 1. One large topaz one large emerald, one small pearl

    Elf- 1 . Large Emerald. 2. Large Topaz. 3. Lotus Blossom

    Clown Dragon(water/air)1. One large sapphire one large topaz, one small sapphire

    Planet Dragon(fire/magic) large ruby , large amethyst , small ruby/or one large ruby, one large amethyst, one lotus blossom.

    Landworm Dragon(fire/forest) 1. one large ruby , one large emerald, one small sapphire

    Aether Dragon(water/magic)1. One large amethyst , One large Sapphire, one small emerald
    or One large sapphire, one large amethyst, one lotus Blossom

    Atlantis Dragon(water/forest)1. One Large Emerald, one large sapphire, one small sapphire/or large emerald, one large sapphire, one small ruby

    Mistmoth Dragon(water/magic)1. One large sapphire , one large amethyst , one scroll or
    One large sapphire, one large amethyst, one small topaz

    Tusker Dragon(light/fire) 1. One large pearl , One large ruby , one scroll

    Zombie Dragon(magic/forest) 1. One large emerald and amethyst 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small or large amethyst/emerald
    Witch Dragon(magic/forest) 1. One large emerald and amethyst 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small or large amethyst/emerald
    Pumkin Dragon(air/fire) 1. One large topaz and ruby 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/one small or large topaz/ruby
    Boo Dragon(light/magic) 1. One large pearl and amethyst 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/one small or large pearl/amethyst
    Seabreeze Dragon(air/water)1. One large topaz and sapphire 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small or large topaz/sapphire
    Mermaid Dragon(water/forest)1. One large sapphire and emerald 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small or large sapphire/emerald
    Leopard Dragon(light/air) 1. One large pearl and topaz 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small or large sapphire/amethyst

    Dream Dragon(light/water) 1. One large pearl and sapphire 2. Mystery Box: Nether dust/ scroll/ lotus blossom/ one small or large sapphire/amethyst

    Ultra Rare Dragons

    Diamond Dragon: NOT TRADEABLE
    Infinity Dragon: NOT TRADEABLE

    Mercury Dragon(diamond/water) Two Nether Dust, one scroll

    Gold Dragon(diamond/air) Two Nether Dust , one Scroll

    Crusader Dragon(diamond/fire) 1. Nether Dust 2. Mystery Box: scroll/ lotus blossom/Nether Dust/small or large ruby
    Quezal Dragon(diamond/forest) 1. Nether Dust 2. Mystery Box: scroll/ lotus blossom/Nether Dust/small or large emerald
    Anubis Dragon(diamond/purple) 1. Nether Dust 2. Mystery Box: scroll/ lotus blossom/Nether Dust/small or large amethyst
    Angel Dragon(diamond/light) 1. Nether Dust 2. Mystery Box: scroll/ lotus blossom/Nether Dust/small or large pearl
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    If any of the links do not work, please send me or another moderator a private message.

    Newbie Thread- You can get help and ask general questions here!!

    Post pictures of Your Islands

    Dragon Summoning [iOS] v1.7

    7-11-2013- Changes in Breeding

    Expansion guide


    Dragon Master Battle thread
    General Breeding combos thread

    Bragging thread

    Diamond Dragon

    New Features Overview: Trading and Crafting(UPDATED 12-12-12)
    Pink Dragon Color Released!
    Dragon Album Rewards
    Original Light Dragons with New Dawn 1st release
    Treasure Cave
    Castle in the Sky
    Black Dragons

    Arctic Dragons

    Ice Age Type Dragons

    Blizzard Type Dragons

    Abominable Type Dragons

    Black Dragons

    Pink Dragons

    Dragon Battles/Arena

    Outpost Quests

    Spin the wheel

    Diamond Temple

    Speed Breeding changes

    Treasure Chest

    8 Bit Dragon

    Avenging Dragon

    Aether dragon

    Amazon Dragon (IOS-Crafting)-Removed
    Amber Dragon-(IOS Mining)Removed

    Ancestor Dragon -Battle Tournament (IOS)


    Apollo Dragon




    Archangel Dragon

    Armor Dragon

    Artemis Dragon

    Astromancer Dragon
    athletic Dragon

    Athena Dragon

    Atlantis Dragon
    Amethyst Dragon -Removed
    Anubis Dragon
    Archon Dragon

    Atlas Dragon


    Aurora Dragon


    Angel Dragon

    Angelfire Dragon (IOS) Battle

    Arcane Dragon (IOS Battle)

    Aries Dragon


    Avatar Dragon -IOS Tournament

    Azurit - Mining

    Barbarian Dragon Battle IOS


    Bat Dragon


    Berkerser Dragon -IOS Tournament


    Battlecaster -IOS Battle Tournament-Crafting
    -Battlesteed-Dragon-Tournament-8-18-15 -Tournament

    Big Bad Dragon

    Beaded Dragon (limited Feb. 16)


    black Diamond 05-23-2014

    Black Knight Dragon -IOS crafting-Removed

    Black Rose Dragon -removed

    Bladewing Dragon -IOS Battle
    Black Swan

    BlueBell Dragon -Crafting -IOS-Removed


    Blue Moon Dragon
    Boo Dragon -Removed


    Bonsai Dragon -Battle (IOS)


    Bride Dragon -Expired


    -Brightsteel-Dragon Tournament

    Bronzetalon Dragon -(IOS- Battle)

    Bubble Dragon
    Butterfly Dragon

    Camelot Dragon - limited

    Cancer Dragon
    Capricorn Dragon

    Carnival Dragon -Removed

    Castle Dragon

    Cactus Dragon

    Celestial Dragon



    Celtic Dragon

    -Chandelier-Dragon -crafting
    Chameleon Dragon


    Cerbenis Dragon
    Cesear Dragon

    Cherry Blossom Dragon -removed

    Chess Dragon
    Cheshire Dragon -


    Chrome Dragon
    Chocolate Dragon -Removed
    Clockwork spin the wheel


    Clown Dragon -Removed

    Compass Rose Dragon - Map Dropper!

    Crown Prince Dragon
    Cornucopia Dragon
    Cosmic Dragon - removed-relisted
    Crusader Dragon

    Cupid Dragon -Removed
    Crystal-Dragon-08-21-2015- Mining
    Cyber Dragon


    Dawn Tree Dragon-Removed Relisted- limited-Removed
    Dark Phoenix

    Darksteel Dragon

    Daisy Dragon

    Dapper Dragon


    Deep Dragon
    Deep Freeze Dragon Feb. 2nd 2016



    Devil Dragon


    Dino Dragon

    Dionysus Dragon


    Divine Dragon

    Dynasty Dragon -IOS Battle

    Double Rainbow

    Dream Dragon - removed

    DreamCatcher Dragon - Value pack offer (IOS)
    Earthday Dragon
    Easter Dragon -Removed-Relisted-Removed
    Eclipse Dragon - Removed


    Elf Dragon -Removed



    Element Dragon


    Emerald Dragon


    Emerald Knight -Battle -IOS


    Equinox Dragon
    Fairy Dragon
    Fairytale Dragon-
    Familiar Dragon
    Falling Leaf Dragon
    Father Dragon Removed

    Fates Dragon



    Fireflower Dragon

    Firemane Dragon

    Fireworks Dragon
    Flower Dragon
    Fool Dragon- Battle Tournament April 1 2016

    Forest Dragon
    Forestfire Dragon - removed

    Four leaf Dragon -Removed-Relisted but limited

    Fruition Dragon - 600 Food per day(IOS)
    Fuzzy Dragon
    Gadget Dragon
    Gargoyle Dragon - mine/craft EXPIRED


    Gentle Giant

    Guardian Dragon -IOS Craft/Battle

    Gemstone Dragons [iOS/Android]Gemini Dragon
    Genie Dragon


    Geode Dragon- IOS Mining/craft dragon - Removed

    Gilded Dragon

    Gingerbread Dragon -removed
    Gladiator Dragon - tournament -removed
    Glitter-Dragon-New-Craft-Dragon-2-13-2015 expired

    Glass Dragon - IOS- Mining/craft


    Goldwing Dragon
    Goblin Dragon

    Godmother Dragon

    Gold Dragon

    Gold leaf Dragon
    Good Witch Dragon
    Green Thumb Dragon May 17 2016(sale ends May 24)
    Griffin Dragon



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    Hades Dragon
    Hannukkah Dragon
    Hammerhead Dragon -spin the wheel


    Headless Dragon -Removed
    Helios Dragon


    Hera Dragon

    Hercules Dragon

    Hermes Dragon


    Hibiscus Dragon - Craft(IOS)-removed

    Holly Dragon

    Hook Dragon

    Horizon Dragon

    Hynotic Dragon

    ice cream dragon - removed

    IceBreaker (rare , blue red) 2017-04-07
    Immortal Dragon -IOS Craftable



    New Crafting Dragon: Intricate Egg Dragon March 1, 2016
    Iridescent Dragon

    Island Dragon
    Illusion Dragon
    Infinity Dragon
    Independence Dragon -removed
    Incognito Dragon - How CUTE!

    Ivory-Dragon-07-21-2015- Mining


    Jade Dragon

    Jester Dragon

    Justice Dragon

    Kaieido Dragon - IOS Tournament- Limited
    Kite Dragon
    Kitsune Dragon

    Knight Dragon -IOS Quest/Craft-Removed

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    Lacewing Dragon


    Landworm Dragon

    Left and Right Heart Dragons -Removed

    Leo Dragon
    Leopard Dragon
    Leprechaun Dragon removed
    Leviathan Dragon - IOS tournament- Limited
    Libra Dragon
    Light Mother Dragon
    Light Dragon


    Lightspeed Dragon -craftable-Removed
    Lotus Dragon (Craft)
    Lightning Dragon

    Loki Dragon -IOS battle

    Lorekeeper Dragon

    Love Dragon


    Lunar Dragon -Removed



    Lunar Rainbow Dragon

    Magma Dragon - Mining Dragon



    Mama Dragon


    Mardi Gras Dragon -Removed


    Mask Dragon


    Mech Dragon
    Macaw Dragon 4-3-15
    Medusa Dragon

    Melody Dragon
    Magic Dragon
    Mercury Dragon
    mermaid dragon Removed


    Metal Dragon
    Midas Dragon - Removed
    Mirage Dragon


    Mischief Dragon - Removed
    Moon Dragon
    Morning Glory Dragon

    Mossrock Dragon

    Music Dragon


    Naga Dragon
    Nano Dragon - IOS Tournament Dragon
    New Twist on an Old Favorite: Neo Aries, March 23, 2018



    Neptune Dragon- March 23 2018

    New Years Dragon -Removed



    Night Dragon
    Night Elf Dragon

    Nightlight Dragon- Crafting -IOS-removed

    Nightmare Dragon -IOS tournament- Removed

    NightStalker Dragon

    Northstar Dragon (Treasure Dragon) Dec 11 2015

    Nova Dragon
    -IOS tournament


    Nyx Dragon

    Obsidian Dragon - IOS /Battle-Expired

    Onyx Dragon

    Oracle Dragon

    Owl Dragon
    Origami dragon
    Paladine Dragon - IOS Battle

    Pansy Dragon


    Paradise Dragon
    Patchwork Dragon


    Pearl Dragon - (craft)
    Peacock Dragon

    Penumbra Dragon


    Pharaoh Dragon - Mining Dragon (IOS)


    Phoenix Dragon IOS Battle -limited

    Pinata Dragon - REMOVED

    Pisces Dragon

    Pixie Dragon

    Porcelain dragon

    IOS Battle


    Prism Dragon

    Pterdodactyl Dragon
    Pumpkin Dragon -Removed


    Quartz Dragon
    Quetzal Dragon -Removed-Relisted

    Quicksilver Dragon
    Rainbow Dragon



    Raven Dragon


    Razorback Dragon -IOS Tournament
    Red Queen Dragon
    Regrowth Dragon : March 29 2016 (will be removed on April 5)
    Reindeer Dragon

    Rex Dragon

    Ripscale Dragon Tournament
    Rogue Dragon -battle
    Rose Dragon -Relisted
    Royal Dragon
    Ruby and emerald dragons

    Rune Dragon -Expired mining dragon (IOS)

    Sagittarius Dragon

    Santa Dragon
    Sapphire Dragon

    -Spartan-Dragon- battle IOS

    Saturn Dragon - removed-Relisted

    Scarab Dragon mining
    Scorpio Dragon
    Seabreeze Dragon- Removed

    Seahorse Dragon


    Secret Dragon (IOS Tournament)

    Sentinel Dragon (IOS Tournament)

    Scylla Dragon

    Serpent Dragon

    Shell Dragon

    Shoreline Dragon April 28 2017(Leaves May 5)

    Skeleton Dragon -Removed
    Goal line : Skylord July 25 2017


    Snowman Dragon-Removed

    Spellspine dragon
    Snowstorm Dragon
    Social Dragon


    Sour Candy Dragon 10-2-15




    Spellthorn Dragon

    Spicy Dragon: Feb 26 2016(expired)
    Spirit Dragon- IOS Crafting

    Sparkler Dragon -removed
    Spider Dragon -removed
    Stainglass Dragon - removed

    SteelFlare Dragon -IOS Crafting

    Sterling Silver Dragon Update 12-19-14 (IOS)

    Stone Dragon



    Sunblaze Dragon


    Sunburst Dragon -IOS Tournament

    Sugar Plum Dragon- 12-26-14

    Sunflower Dragon -Removed

    Sunstone Dragon -IOS-Mining


    Summer Dragon-Removed -Relisted -Removed


    -Super Dragon

    Tanuki Dragon
    Taurus dragon


    Thanksgiving Dragon


    Tigereye Dragon-Craftable IOS
    Teddy Dragon

    Templar Dragon -Crafting IOS/Battles-Removed

    Tigerfly Dragon - IOS- Spin the Wheel
    Tinsel Dragon - Removed
    Tiny Dragon



    Topaz Dragon
    Limited Time: Toxic Dragon - (Expires 4-19-16)
    Treasure Dragon

    Trickster Dragon
    Triceratops Dragon

    tricorn dragon

    Triple Rainbow Dragon

    Trojan Dragon


    Turtle Dragon
    Tusker Dragon- REMOVED
    Turkey Dragon -Removed- Relisted -limited-removed
    Turquoise Dragon

    Twlight Dragon

    Underword Dragon - IOS Tournament

    Unicorn Dragon

    Dragon:Flash Tournament: Immovable Dragon April 15 2016


    Vallkrie Dragon -tournament

    Valentine Dragon -removed


    Vampire Dragon -Removed

    Venetian Dragon (Craft Dragon)-Removed closed thread


    Viking Dragon .. IOS Mini Tournament

    Virgo Dragon- Removed
    Visitor-dragon mini tournament

    Virtue Dragon

    Warrior-King-Tournament-2-17-15- battle

    Waverider Dragon

    Werewolf Dragon - October 09 2018 (Needed for the Terror Night Dragon Tales Event)

    Wisp Dragon
    -Value Pack Dragon



    New treasure dragon : White Gold
    White Chocolate Dragon

    White Magic Dragon (IOS) Battle

    White Rose - IOs summoning

    #1white rose -android

    Wildflower Dragon

    Winter Games Dragon -Removed
    Winter Lily Dragon 11-10-15
    Winddancer Dragon -IOS- craftable-Removed

    Wraith Dragon -Removed

    White Witch-
    Winter Rose


    Winter-Solstice-Dragon- IOS)

    Witch Dragon - Removed
    Wizard Dragon
    Zeus Dragon
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    Dragon Battles

    Please note:
    Posting or discussing third party sites is not allowed. This includes third party forum calculators.

    Helpful tips on battling

    Level 32 is the minimum level for Battle Tournaments
    Level 15 is the minimum level for the Battle Arena

    Type advantages
    Enemy Type Use Avoid Using
    Red Yellow, Blue, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Dino, Zodiac, Metal, Soccer
    Green Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone, Royal, Champion, Soccer Purple, Black, Stone
    Yellow Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Champion Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone, Champion, Metal Red, White, Stone
    Purple Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac, Royal, Champion Blue, White, Cosmic, Soccer
    White Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow, Champion, Egypt, Soccer Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Royal
    Pink Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone, Champion, Soccer Yellow, Purple, Mythic, Royal
    Black Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow, Royal, Champion, Egypt Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond Diamond Gold, Gemstone, Metal
    Mythic White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino, Champion Green, Rainbow, Zodiac, Tropic, Egypt
    Cosmic Purple, White, Champion Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold Yellow, Diamond, Champion, Metal, Soccer Purple, Pink, Rainbow, Royal, Egypt
    Fairytale Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Royal, Champion, Soccer Pink, Mythic, Rainbow, Tropic
    Stone Green, Blue, Tropic, Royal, Champion, Egypt Red, White, Dino
    Dino Red, Stone, Tropic, Champion Green, Cosmic, Gemstone, Soccer
    Rainbow Mythic, Gold, Fairytale, Champion Blue, White, Black, Tropic, Metal
    Gemstone Diamond, Black, Dino, Champion Green, Blue, Pink, Royal
    Zodiac Red, Mythic, Cosmic, Champion, Metal Yellow, Purple, Fairytale, Soccer
    Tropic Mythic, Fairytale, Rainbow, Champion Red, Stone, Dino
    Royal White, Pink, Gold, Gemstone, Champion Green, Purple, Black, Stone, Fairytale, Egypt
    Ice Age Abominable, Champion Blizzard
    Abominable Blizzard, Champion Ice Age
    Blizzard Ice Age, Champion Abominable
    Champion Type has no effect here Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Gold, Fairytale, Stone, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Royal, Ice Age, Abominable, Blizzard, Champion
    Valentine Type has no effect here Type has no effect here
    Metal Red, Diamond, Rainbow Blue, Gold, Zodiac
    Egypt Mythic, Gold, Royal White, Black, Stone
    Soccer Red, Purple Green, White, Pink, Gold, Fairytale
    Olympus Type has no effect here Type has no effect here

    Additional info about champ and dark/corrupt types...
    Enemy Type
    Avoid using
    Champion The following types are "neutral" to champion types: Diamond, Egypt, Metal, Olympus, Soccer, Valentine

    **Users have reported that low level dragons are sometimes useful against high level champs
    Black, Blue, Champion, Cosmic, Dino, Fairytale, Gemstone, Gold, Green, Mythic, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Royal, Stone, Tropic, White, Yellow, Zodiac
    Dark (corrupt) Unknown; some have success with champs & white types (Corrupt dragons use black "smoke" magic; consider dragons that are strong against black types: green, white, cosmic, rainbow, royal, champion, Egypt) Unknown (Corrupt dragons use black "smoke" magic; consider avoiding dragons that are weak against black types: yellow, pink, fairytale, gemstone)

    Notes on new type dragons (something to take in account when choosing your fighters):

    Red Fire Magic: Elemental, Holiday, Dynamite, Map
    Black Smoke Magic: Dark, Spooky
    Pink Sword Magic: Olympus, Fey, Valentine
    Blue Bubble Magic: Arcane, World, Bomb
    Purple Spell Magic: Tarot
    Yellow Tornado Magic: Egypt
    Green Vine Magic: Soccer, Dino, Food
    *Also Yellow types are effective against Gold producing dragons
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    Hidden Colors Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by cedkugedchgd View Post


    Kitsune: Pink + RED
    Naga: Pink + GREEN
    Black Swan: Pink + BLACK


    Night Elf: Black + PURPLE


    Dawntree: Green + LIGHT >>REMOVED


    Peacock: Purple + YELLOW



    Mythic: Red + Yellow
    Atlas: Mythic + GREEN/BLUE

    Cosmic >>REMOVED<<

    Cosmic: Purple + Yellow
    Saturn: Cosmic + RED/YELLOW
    Eclipse: Cosmic + BLACK/WHITE


    Fairytale: Green + Yellow
    Cheshire: Fairytale + PINK
    Big Bad: Fairytale + BLACK


    Stone: Green + White
    Golem: Stone + BLACK
    Turquoise: Stone + BLUE
    Mossrock: Stone + GREEN


    Dino: Red + Green
    Pterodactyl: Dino + YELLOW
    Triceraptos: Dino + GREEN
    Rex: Dino + RED


    Rainbow: Blue + Yellow


    Gemstone: Blue + Green


    Leo: Black + Yellow
    Virgo: Leo + PURPLE
    Sagittarius: Leo + GREEN
    Libra: Leo + YELLOW
    Scorpio: Leo + PINK
    Cornucopia: Leo + BLUE
    Aquarius: Leo + WHITE


    Tropic: Red + Blue
    Shell: Tropic + PINK
    Turtle: Tropic + GREEN


    Royal: Purple + Yellow
    Castle: Royal + BLUE
    Jester: Royal + PURPLE


    Metal: White + Blue

    Ice Age

    Ice Age: Winter + ANY PURPLE DRAGON
    Abominable: Ice Age + FUZZY
    Meteor: Ice Age + FIRESTORM
    Blizzard: Ice Age + ABOMINABLE

    Champion >>NOT breedable<<

    All Champ. Types: Red + Black


    Infinity: Diamond + Diamond, Wizard + GREEN/YELLOW, Diamond Hybrid + Diamond Hybrid, Diamond + Diamond Hybrid

    NOTE: All additional single color dragons, can be bred with 2 dragons of the same type OR in combination with a diamond dragon!

    Example: TURTLE can be bred with: Diamond x Tropic/Shell/Turtle OR Tropic x Tropic, Shell x Shell, Turtle x Turtle, Tropic x Shell, Tropic x Turtle, Shell x Turtle!

    Red = Fire Dragon
    Green = Forest Dragon
    Yellow = Air Dragon
    Blue = Water Dragon
    Purple = Magic Dragon
    White = Light Dragon
    Pink = Virtue Dragon
    Black = Night Dragon

    et voila! i hope this helps!
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    Dragon Mining (IOS)

    Dragon Story Mining Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by ballerinagirl9 View Post
    Hey y'all, I don't post much, just lurk but thought I'd help out, here's what I post for my NBRs :

    ❗❗NBRS, expanding from mining. Yes, it closes at last expansion which is 20. You will know which expansion you are on by the cost to expand & the #of parts needed❗❗

    ❗❗The last 20 will look like this, stop at 19! ❗❗#18: Cost-3,600,000/Parts:144, #19: Cost-3,660,000/Parts-146, #20: Cost:3,690,000/Parts-148

    CoinBoost buildings

    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    If you sell them, they will show back up under buildings so you can buy them again.

    Here is the cost to buy

    Eternal Flame - 250,000 coins
    Flower egg- 320,000 coins
    Sunshine Temple-360,000 coins
    Planetary Tower- 500,000 coins
    Pantheion Pool- 290,000 coins
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