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Thread: Push Notifications Bug (FIXED)

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    Push Notifications Bug (FIXED)

    We are aware that the push notifications are not currently working. The next update will fix this bug. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

    12/16/2010: Please download Bakery Story 1.0.4. This update will fix push notifications.
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    I'd just like to know when will the next update be out, thanks.

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    Unhappy Bakery not working properly

    My bakery is not working properly, it wont let me collect tips and i cant see any customers on the waitress at the til, i can bake items but i have to go in and out of the app for this to happen, is this part of the bug?
    If not what can i do?

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    assuming there is an update!

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    I hope that we could actually sell our tiles instead of placing it in the storage !

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    Wink Please fix this game b/c i'm addicted!!

    The first day i was addicted and kept playing it all day and nights. I even got so hooked to the point i bought gems!!!! And my wife doesn't want me wasting my money on something that keeps crashing and doesnt even let us know when our food is ready! I "would" continue buying more from you all as long as you keep up with the bugs and crashes. I never have problems with restaurant story with push notifications so why is it bakery story u guys can't work with? Just please please!!!! Fix it.

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    Angry Please help!!!!food keeps disappearing.

    I had all my counters filled with food. Then i started baking cookies and my cookies were on the stove already and then an error poped up saying out of sync. And it refreshed by itself - and then boom!!!! Alllllll my food on the counters were all gone! And to top it off - my cookies i just baked were gone and it had brownies baking when i had cookies on my stove. Which is totally weird! Some one please tell me whats going on!!! I lost all my food!! Am i losing my money too?? Ugh! It drives me mad!!! B/c i love this game alot and its just creating too many problems that i feel im gonna have to quit it.

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    game didn't save on new ipod! :(

    I got a new ipod and my bakery didn't save it self.....all my achievements are still on game-centre but when I click play...I get a new bakery .D: I was at level 15! now I have start over! T___T

    Anyone know how to fix this? ^^

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    add Feva

    Exclamation Push Notification

    Wheenever advising food/drink is ready.. or is about to go bad..

    it says, 'serve your drink'

    even if its talking about food..

    if you can have it changed more generally.. it would resolve any confusion :P..
    or.. look better :P

    Another Example:
    'Bakery Story
    Your Croissant is ready. Serve the drink now!'

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    Thumbs down My Food All Disappeared Again and Again

    Why my food disappeared again and again these days.

    I closed the store and making food, then all food was gone.
    I moved the chair to open the door, when I return the game, the food was gone too.

    Spend money and time to make food, but get nothing!!!!

    Please fix this bug ASAP!!!

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