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Thread: Old goals.. Popping Up

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    The only thing you can do at the moment is to close the game as soon as you receive the pop-up. In any case, they really need to fix this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetSugarBomb View Post
    As I already said in one of my previous posts. Why is it so hard for S8 to to actually build into the game the option "Are you sure you want to buy... store... sell this item?" Every single other game I play has this option, so you can withdraw from anything clicked accidentally! It happened today again, that I spent gems for something I didn't want. 12 gems for a crate, that wasn't even my intention on clicking on it. I just wanted to proceed to the next site, wanted to click the right arrow but ending up on clicking that crate. It's really a shame. And like Baker9081 said, upon clicking on a crate, there should be a preview of decorations you can get, so we can decide to buy or going to another crate.
    I just clicked on a stupid crate for accident and lost 24 gems!!!

    Just wanted to wish you guys `?○ happy holidays ○?`😊 ♡
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    Possible Info Re Old Goals

    JUST AN FYI: I've had issues with old goals popping up occasionally over the years. It's random and unexpected. It happens in BS & RS. Y'all know what I'm talking about.

    HOWEVER, about 10 min ago it happened and I noticed something different. Just a few hours ago all those install/play for gems games appeared in my goals box in addition to current Rose Gold and side goals. Those play for gems ones have been gone for several weeks. And I realized I didn't get old goals popping up while they were gone. I had Chrome app opened at same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    We've thoroughly examined the issue and identified the root cause of the issue is from Android devices that have software or hardware compatibility issues that cause the game to behave in an unpredictable way. We have not been able to reproduce the issue on a player's account using the exact same specifications, so the cause is directly impacted by something on the specific device configuration being used and the actions being made.

    We're not able to provide support for issues that may occur due to third-party interference such as device issues or third-party software. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you purchased Gems with real-world money and you need help with them, please submit a request through support with the purchase category.
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    I live in New Zealand. Just outside Christchurch in the south island.

    Love Bakery???

    Hi there!
    The old goals keep popping up and I would really love to pick up 3 things I missed out on when they were goals.
    The Juice Sampler
    The Love Bakery
    The Love sampler.

    Does anyone know if they are in the list of goals that keep popping up maybe under another name or something.
    I have paid gems for things I don't seem to have got. Does anyone else know anything about all this I would appreciate to know anything you know about all this.
    Cheers Edie 🦉

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    Hi Edie62

    I am sorry to tell you this, but those old goals items you just paid gems for will never show up in your storage because apparently it's an ongoing "bug/issue".

    You can refer to an ongoing discussion thread in Restaurant Story whereby players who have experienced similar issues on old goals popping up (i.e. paid gems in hopes of getting a past goal item / accidentally paid gems because the pop up appeared where their finger was tapping at) but also have not received compensation as of now.

    Sorry I can't help much but from what I read, I would advise that you do not click to buy... (at least now you know you're not the only one!)
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    I live in New Zealand. Just outside Christchurch in the south island.
    Yes �� Thank you for letting me know ��

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    Every once in awhile all the past goals throughout my time playing the game will pop up on my screen in a row so I can't do anything but sit there closing each individual one for a few minutes. Anyone know what this is and how to fix it?

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    My problem with these old pop up goals is they appear out of the blue (whether you've just visited a nbrs bakery or in your own bakery). They have been plaguing me for a few weeks and have taken 20 plus gems which have yet to be returned.
    I contacted a Mod and she was kind enough to send my issue to a CM because BS no longer responds to individual requests.
    There has to be a way on Storm8's end to stop these gem robbers.
    Any help on getting rid of these annoying pop ups and getting my gems replaced would be greatly appreciated.
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    Exclamation Quit taking my gems away!

    I used to love this app but I think I have to uninstall this new glitch is wasting time and money.

    Old goals keep popping up on my screen telling me I've run out of time to complete them, most of which I did complete like months ago, and it gives you the offer of spending gems to complete the goal. Even though I always just close the pop-up, it takes all my gems away!! You'll get like heaps of these in a row so literally all my gems are wasted on this stupid glitch, then I can't use them when I actually want to progress through a goal or anything because they're all flipping taken away!!!

    It might just be some stupid little app but this is real world money you're taking from people. It's beyond a joke and I'm sick of it.

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    Help! Being haunted by past goals!

    Every time I log into the game, for 2 weeks or so, I get a message that goes through ALL the past goals asking if I want to do them again! I have to say no to each one.. Any way to stop this? It's making me crazy-er..

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