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Thread: ....okay so 48 gems wasted :(

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    Thumbs down ....okay so 48 gems wasted :(

    Yesterday afternoon my little sibling took my phone and bought two boxes... i didn't want them, I didn't buy them, and I really want my gems back... I know TL aren't the ones to remove the items and refund, but I really hope they will do this for me. Please TL! In the spirit of Thanksgiving this holiday was the first time I've bought in-game currency and if I won't be returned my gems it will just cause me to be upset and unwilling to spend any more money

    I've sent an email, the response being an empty blank sheet, and a dispute yesterday in the forums, which hasn't been answered

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    all that sux... i know how you feel

    but yeah they wont refund them back....or elses they would have to refund everyone else that accidently used their gems (like me)

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    so sorry to hear that...

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    I have bought stuff by accident too :-(

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