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Thread: Create a Superhero Turkey! - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    Create a Superhero Turkey! - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Winners posted here.

    Turkey Superhero!
    Being a turkey is tough around the holidays. Being a superhero can be lonely when you can't tell anyone who you are. That's why being a Superhero Turkey might possibly be the toughest job in the world. This week's contest we need you to help us create the ideal Turkey Superhero! Winners will receive Gems or Gold to the game of their choice.

    Contest and Rules:
    -Create your superhero turkey using a computer paint program, or hand drawn, or make it with whatever you have lying around your house and take a picture of it.
    -You must include these 4 to your superhero turkey:
    1) Name your turkey.
    2) Give your turkey 1 special ability, like a super power. (It can only have 1!)
    3) Give your turkey a catch phrase. Something he or she yells when in action.
    4) A brief history of how your superhero turkey came to be. Less than 5 sentences.
    -After you have created your turkey, take a picture and save it to your computer, then upload the image to
    -Once the image is uploaded to post the "BBCode (message boards & forums)" link.
    (How to upload an image and post it.)
    -Only 1 entry per person.
    -Your entry must be posted no later than Tuesday December 4th by noon PST.

    --2 Winners will be selected in 4 different categories for a total of 8 winners.
    -The 4 categories will be, Most creative name, Most creative special ability, super power or skill, Most creative origin, and Most creative turkey with 1 runner up for each.
    -4 First place winners will win 50 Gems to the game of their choice (250 Gold for Dragon or Monster Story).
    -4 Runners up will receive 25 Gems to the game of their choice (125 Gold for Dragon or Monster Story).

    A brilliant masterpiece? Only time can tell:
    1) Turkey Dredd
    2) He can run faster than any turkey known to man and when he beats you in a race you blow up.
    3) "I am the law!"
    4) Turkey (pre 'Turkey Dredd') had a harsh life being rejected by society as a freak and forced to live in the sewers for the rest of his existence for no reason. With all his free time, he practiced sprinting in the sewer water challenging his own best times. One day an officer from the police department went down to the sewer to find his missing gold fish 'Dredd' which he accidentally flushed down the toilet. When he saw Turkey dashing through the sewer, he said to him, "you would be amazing on the police force to catch all those criminals! Will you join us?" Turkey looked at him and said, "I can make them explode too." The officer replied, "In honor of my goldfish, I shall call you... TURKEY DREDD!"
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    Name: Purkey
    Power: he has the powers of a peacock, its feathers become a rainbow leading to a mystical land, and if you see it, you will become a Purkey immediately
    Phrase: "Purkey power!"
    Background: this poor creature, the Purkey, was created by an evil scientist who wasn't evil at all. It was around thanksgiving when he got an idea that would change the world as we know it. He tried to create a monster, but instead, the bottle labeled "monster" wasn't correct! It was actually turkey, but the scientist didn't know. The other half was "peacock" and that one wasn't a mistake. After all of the brewing, the mixture had formed a rainbow that shot right out of the mixing zone, the scientist suddenly turned short, and he had colorful feathers on him now, and that changed the world, by welcoming our new animal, the Purkey.

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    Drum Stixx

    1) Drum Stixx
    2) When someone trys to catch him & make him into a Thanksgiving meal he plays the drums & it hypnotizes them.
    3) Rock on!
    4) The farmer that owns Drum Stixx loved his pet so much that he never wanted to lose him. So every day he tried to teach the turkey things that would keep humans from getting close to him. He brought out a bunch of random items to see if the turkey had any hidden talents. The turkey grabbed the spoon & started playing a beat on the pan! Thats when the farmer fell into a trance & realized he had a rockstar turkey!

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    1. Turkey Guitar Hero
    2. Stummmmm!!!
    3. Can play guitar and makes people forget about killing turkeys on Thanksgiving.
    4. Pabo escaped from the slaughter house and ended up in the hands of the very pure hearted blind beggar playing guitar on the streets. He took care of Pabo and play the guitar for him whenever He feels that Pabo is lonely and scared so that he can forget all his fears. One day, the beggar talk to Pabo to touch the guitar strings, when he played the guitar he saw that the people around him are dancing then the beggar told him to go back to the slaughter house and save all the turkey before thanksgiving. When Pabo came to the slaughter house, he played the guitar and the people dance and forget about killing turkey which made all the turkey escaped. Thats when he became "Turkey Guitar Hero! "

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    1) Golden Brown
    2) Being able to turn into a fully cooked turkey (tantalizing the attacker or 'eater') and being able to turn back to it's cute self
    3) 'Your will start to drool and fell sleepy...'
    4) In the barn, Turkey John Brown, was the next up for slaughter. Farmer TuTu came and and took John and placed him in his personal oven. John Brown could feel a tingle run down his spine, up his feathers, through his gobbler, and in his head. He did not feel any heat at all. As TuTu took John out of the oven, TuTo said "Yum!", but then John wondered why he was still alive, so he tried to stand up, "POP", he was back to his old self. The farmer ran out screaming, Turkey John Brown tried changing back a few times, and it worked! He called himself 'Golden Brown' from now on.

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    1. Super Bird!
    2.Fly so fast all you see is a blur
    3.Off to spread the love
    4. After birth he was disowned and never knew the true meaning of family and love. Once a year around Thanksgiving he flies off to help the abandoned turklets find their families and spread the love that he never knew as he was younger. Such motivation has made him fly so fast all you see in a blur. Everyone that spots the blur shouts "super bird" trying to slow him down just to get a good glimpse of him.

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    1) Chopper
    2) Can chop anything at the speed of light
    3) You wan a Piece of me?
    4) Chopper's family were kill for thanksgiving. Wanted to avenge his parent and protect his friends, he chopped down trees as training, getting faster everyday. Now, with a hatchet in his hand nothing can stand his way.

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    1. Thor-key
    2. Struck hammer and can make an earthquake
    3. I am Thor-key! (The key of all turkey in need)
    4. Tomy, was a very nice,humble,pure turkey and he was very upset,so, *he yelled so loud that all of a sudden something unexplainable happen in the sky,strange *lightnings and scary thunder. And from that sky, it showed in front of him the "hammer" of Thor. Without knowing the reason what, why and how, he just easily pulled the hammer & shouted "THOR-KEY" and he became half human and half turkey. He became very strong physically and mentally saying: " Im Thor- key! With the power of Thor's hammer, im the key to help of all the turkey. And the one in need.

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    1) Iris
    2) Has metallic wings that act as a reflecting mirror.
    3) "May this side effect reflect!"
    4) Celia met an alchemist who called himself Oncay Anmay. She asked for a load of silver, but rather than in the form of coins it came as her wings! Celia grew for her wings, though, as nobody could attack her while looking at her reflective wings. She went under the alias of Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, to give others in tough flocks some protection.

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    1.) Gravy-Wing
    2.) Can kick you & make you love fruits & vegetables & not like the taste of turkey.
    3.) Drumstick Kiiiiick
    ! 4.) Tom the turkey escaped from his turkey farm in hopes of becoming a Super Turkey.
    He wanted to help his fellow turkeys escape Thanksgivin persecution.
    Tom traveled deep into the mountains until he reached the ancient temple of the Elder Turkey, the Elder trained Tom to master the lost art of the Dizzying Drumstick Kick.
    Eventually Tom became "Gravy-Wing" the Super turkey.
    One kick and you will fall in love with fruits & vegetables and detest taste of turkey, hence stopping turkeys from being ingested. The End
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