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Thread: New Gold Confirmation

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jan 2016
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    After stepping in the HUGE trap at the farms (because of the placement of icons) and hearing from Neighbors about accidentally spending large amounts of Gold, my solution is to keep my Gold count as low as possible, if an item or dragon pops up on sale, I purchase the Gold needed and immediately buy what I want. The sales on gold are tempting but not worth risking losing most if not all on accidental purchases or glitches. Can't lose what you don't have ☺

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    That's what many games doing! you can't change it. This is a game-learning. be careful everybody!
    DS:122 Neighbors required!! ADD BAKERYSTOE as well)

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    Move finish button!

    Please move the finish button or at least add a "Confirm finish" button. I'm tired of losing gold because it automatically shows as soon as you do something like plant crops and where it is makes it too easy to hit with your pinky finger. thus causing an unwanted gold depletion for an unwanted action!!!

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    Confirm spend gold button

    Hey storm8 and fellow dragon story players I think it would be in the players best intrest to put a confirm button before actually spending our gold.. I think it's extremely unfair that you have not made a confirm button it can be any harder then making a new dragon once a week could you please consider this please I spent 100 gold today on 26000 apples come on man that's total bs or at least make a update that isn't extreamly laggy it's really bad has been for 4 or 5 months whats going on why is it so laggy??
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    Unhappy Accidentally spending gold

    I just accidentally spent 50 gold,............again! And I've seen in the forum that other players have had the same issue. I've been trying for many many months to build up enough gold to buy the treasure dragon but I keep inadvertently spending gold. Maybe you could add an "are you sure you want to spend gold" message box like when your email asks "are you sure you want to delete this". It's so frustrating! Please fix this.

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    Over the last month I have had 3100 gold stolen from me by this game. I mean that I didn't accidently clicked on buy food or coins, my game was off for the night and when I log back in the next day my account is down 1000 gold and my food supply increased. I did not select anything. Storm8 needs to fix this but they don't care about the players.

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    Due to being a victim of gold (and gem) traps, I now have a deeply ingrained fear response any time I accidentally bump my iPad with my knuckles. It doesn't matter which app I am using, my stomach drops and I have a second or two of panic and dread. Thanks, S8.

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    Last night I ended up spending 500 gold to upgrade my red really I realize I was going to fast but if there would of been a confirm button it might not of happened.
    That would of been three of the new habitat for 150 gold each.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    I had a few big gold losses an still regular small losses with farming mainly. If it was just the first time and you send it as a complain to S8 you will get the gold back as a onetime "offer", but not if you regularly spend large amounts of gold by mistake. So at least try if it was the first or even second time

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    Dragon story

    I just bought the biggest package of gold but a few mins ago I went to buy food jus 26,000 for 100 gold but instead it stopping at 1 time & it took ovr 2,000 of my gold & there wuz nothing I cld do because there was no way I cld get it to stop so cld u return my gold because it was the game not me u can tell thx Charli dragon story
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