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Thread: Gem spending

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    Gem spending

    I have never intentionally spent gems, but I sure have spent a bunch. It would be great to see a confirmation system or something. I have not run I to this problem with any other Team Lava games, it just seems like the placement of the spending button is right where you initially click causing the problem for me. Just an idea that might help.

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    I have had the same problem alot and written TL to ask about it but they wouldn't help. Not even when I noticed right when it happened and immediately wrote in asking if they would take back whatever action/purchase that was made and give back the currency, load the game from a previous save point or (best case scenario) create a save option so players could load their own games back before it had happened but they won't even address that point. It could only possibly be the player's fault for not saving their progress then and no one could get mad at them! Am I crazy to think backups are a good idea?

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    They will not even reimburse you when they say that it is an " in synch" error. ( not your fault but a glitch ). they admit this but state that they will not do anything.

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    Don't get me started! It's another obvious gem trap. More blatant than the others. Anything you can buy for gems you can make on your own. So the point of using gems are pointless unless you're impatient and want to hurry a project along.

    But when collecting, to have the gem option pop up so quickly is beyond frustrating. I've gone through over 28 gems due to this. And I wasn't being careless. Like the previous poster said, you're minding your business and WHAM, you've spent six gems to speed grow a dumb carrot. It's disgusting.

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    I'm getting beyond annoyed with it. I refuse to buy gems until they get an 'are you sure you want to spend gems?' button in place. I'm not blessed with dainty fingers and on tiny screens I'm forever clicking things I don't mean to and spending gems.

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