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Thread: What benefit you get from people visiting you and sparkling building?

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    What benefit you get from people visiting you and sparkling building?

    What benefit do you get from people visiting you?
    So what benefit do you get from having people visit you?

    I notice my building sparkles sometimes but I don't see any benefits like in Dragon story where you get extra coins Etc

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    Your buildings get a 20% bonus to their payout when they've been helped by neighbors

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    So how does this work? If a building has a heart over it is it full or empty as in if I have a coin hanging over my building will it show up as a heart to my neighbours or is it the other way round?

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    Heart over nbrs building means you can click it to leave a bonus. If a nbr visits you and leaves a bonus it appears that your building is sparkling so collect first to pick up bonus cash.

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    Yes I understand that, but what I mean is if I collect coins from my buildings does that mean my neighbours won't see hearts over those buildings or do the hearts appear over the buildings that I have collected from?

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    The hearts will appear over the buildings you have not collected from. Once a neighbor selects them they will not be available again until you collect from those buildings
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