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Thread: Read this before posting, thanks!

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    Cool Read this before posting, thanks!

    Please only post topics related to updates and announcements in this section. All other topics should be posted in the discussion section.

    12/1/2010: I have moved all topics unrelated to updates and announcements to the discussion section.

    8/5/2011: GM Update, so it's mo' betta': I have updated the Updates & Announcements forum so that only Moderators and TL Staff can create new threads. I did so to cut down on the threads posted here that are in the wrong section. Events & Contests has had a similar change. You can still post replies to threads in these forums.

    But that doesn't mean you can't make your own threads about Updates, or have more forum games!

    * If you are posting about a new update, do so in the Discussion forum for the game mentioned.
    * If you are posting about suggestions for new updates, do so in the Bugs & Feedback forum, or post in one of the Suggestion threads.
    * If you are making a new forum game that is directly related to one or more of our games, do so in the Discussion forum.
    * If you are making a new forum game that's just for fun, and not really related to TeamLava, do so in the Off-Topic forum.

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    Bump! Make sure you read about the changes to this forum and the Events & Contests forum above.

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