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Thread: How much do you decorate for holidays?

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    Exclamation How much do you decorate for holidays?

    How much do you decorate for the holidays on Restaurant Story? You go all out, just a few decorations, or none? Say it in the poll below

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    Aug 2012
    Whatever can be bought with coins, I play around with.

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    Just a few decorations, and that depends if they're cute or not. I never decorated for Halloween (last year or this year) because I'm not into it. I did some decorating for Christmas last year because the content was cute.

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    All out for Halloween - maybe all out for Xmas, depending. I hoarded gems most of the year, bought the Spooky box many times. But I did get pretty lucky - only got 1 item 3 times, 1 for everything else, minus the first place prize. Did some tables, chairs, floor tiles, and wallpapers. Yeah, I like Halloween lol
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    Jul 2012
    I loooove Halloween! I only started playing in April so this is my first holiday to decorate. I'm also desperately awaiting Christmas. I'm saving my remaining gems in case there's something I can't live without, lol.

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    Apr 2012
    i looooove decorating for xmas i was here last halloween and xmas xmas on RS was amazing last year and i cant wait for this yaer

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    Jul 2012
    I just reached 40 gems. If I am very careful and don't fall into any gem traps, I plan to spend most them on Xmas deco. Do you think that's enough for a few good things?

    I am working hard trying to master as many dishes as I can at least to level two.

    I think I have mastered a few to level four, but, I don't remember getting gems for them and I can't tell if they're really mastered. So to make sure I get gems, I am going to level two on each and then starting another dish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSleepyPanda View Post
    Whatever can be bought with coins, I play around with.

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    In my restaurant I have different themed sections, so I have a halloween section, a mahogany and classy section, a flowery-pink section, a retro section etc. I just incerase the sections and decortae them differently every holiday then after the holiday I store the items I dont want to have out anymore then I use the nice ones again the year after etc. I separate all the sections with dividers and I use different coloured floor tiles, wallpapers etc.

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