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Thread: Feedback and suggestions!

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    Angry Feedback and suggestions!

    This has the potential to be a great game.. With no updates in 2 weeks many ppl are getting bored and quitting already! TL you r missing out on a real money maker here! We need UPDATES and we need "limited time offers" so every house is different and fun to offers also encourage gem purchases! Come on TL! the possibilities are endless what's the hold up?!? Roni

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    We appreciated your concern and your feedback.

    Please note that developing items for games can take some time.

    Don't worry, we definitely have not forgotten about everyone.
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    well, not when my gems are disappearing between visits - maybe the halloween ghosts are putting them in the witches baskets as they fly from my home! No gem purchases for me until this bug is fixed and I am a gem buyer.

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