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Thread: Choosing neighbors

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    Quote Originally Posted by handyfriend View Post
    Dear All,

    Please explain what is max number of neighbours and what is max number of gifts per day? Thanx
    Not sure there is a max number of neighbors one can have - people have reported different amounts.
    The max on gifts you can accept is 20 gifts as well as 20 material requests.

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    Regards neighbours I have found just recently that it is the people that have just started to play FS that do not water their nbrs farms. I have had to delete at least 5 or 6 off them this past week or so. They come onto my farm water my crops. They give me their storm id I invite them to be neighbours and that is the last time they water my crops. Never do they visit me again. I find the people that have been playing farm story for a long time are the ones that regularly water my crops. A few of my neighbours won't have 0-1 or 2 star neighbours as they know that they won't visit their farms.

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    Yeah, I noticed that too. I won't accept anybody under level 25 and I delete if they are under 3 stars. I've found a lot of really good neighbors by deleting the deadbeats. Now almost all of my neighbors are great! I keep it at 50 tho. I don't think I can handle more than that. I know that not everybody can water every day, but I think at least two or 3 times a week is doable.

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