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Thread: Habitat Boost has Stopped Working!

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    Habitat Boost has Stopped Working!

    My Habitat Boosts have stopped working!

    They've been working perfectly, until about an hour ago. The coin counter is no longer gold and the coins are not counting up the way they were this morning or yesterday.

    AND suddenly my level 9 Fuzzy Dragon needs 15000 food instead of 5000. And I only had 1 more feed to give him before evolving into level 10.

    I restarted my device, but that hasn't fixed the problem.
    Anyone else with this problem?

    Im on iPhone 4
    Playing New Dawn


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    yup, same problem..

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    Yep ...exact same problem. They ruined another game

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    Has this been reported to yet?
    I would encourage this to be done. I haven't unlocked boosts yet, so I am unaware of this glitch.

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    Current topic on this thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GroupMagma View Post
    We were looking into these boosts, and unfortunately, they seem to be buggy at the moment. Currently, they are only designed to increase the capacity of your Dragon habitats; not speed up the rate at which Coins are earned.

    We'll be pushing a fix for this shortly, and as a result, many players will see their collection rates go back to the normal levels. The Capacity increases are here to stay though

    If you really like the sped up rates, don't worry; we might be adding MORE boosts in the future that do just that. For now, we're sorry about the mix-up! Please let us know if you have more questions.
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