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Thread: Dragon Mini Tournament: Viking Dragon - 5-2-14(IOS)

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    Dragon Mini Tournament: Viking Dragon - 5-2-14(IOS)

    New Tournament! Good Luck!

    Level 32 is the minimum level for Battle Tournaments
    Level 30 is the minimum level for the Battle Arena

    Red use: Yellow, Blue, Stone avoid: Green, Dino, Zodiac
    Green use: Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone avoid: Purple, Black, Stone
    Yellow use: Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue use: Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone avoid: Red, White, Stone
    Purple use: Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac avoid: Blue, White, Cosmic
    White use: Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow avoid: Black, Mythic, Cosmic
    Pink use: Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone avoid: Yellow, Purple, Mythic
    Black use: Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow avoid: Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond use: Diamond avoid: Gold, Gemstone
    Mythic use: White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino avoid: Green, Rainbow, Zodiac
    Cosmic use: Purple, White avoid: Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold use: Yellow, Diamond avoid: Purple, Pink, Rainbow
    Fairytale use: Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Pink, Mythic, Rainbow
    Stone use: Green, Blue avoid: Red, White, Dino
    Dino use: Red, Stone avoid: Green, Cosmic, Gemstone
    Rainbow use: Mythic, Gold, Fairytale avoid: Blue, White, Black
    Gemstone use: Diamond, Black, Dino avoid: Green, Blue, Pink
    Zodiac use: Red, Mythic, Cosmic avoid: Yellow, Purple, Fairyta

    Quote Originally Posted by NouraMoh View Post
    I just fininshed this Tournament just because I couldn't wait to get my hands on Viking

    Here are my battles:

    1. Storm defeated by Ninja BB++
    2. Hunter defeated by Justice BBB
    3. Pi?ata defeated by Amazon B++B
    4. May defeated by Black Knight B++B
    5. Melody defeated by Aurora BB++
    6. Saturn defeated by Paladin B++B
    7. Avatar defeated by Sentinel BB++
    8. Rune defeated by Black Knight B++B
    9. Valkyrie defeated by Diamond ( I lost my other Diamond, Infinity, Ninja and Amazon )
    10. T.Rainbow defeated by Templar ( lost Dynasty and Immortal )
    11. Mercury defeated by Anubis B+++
    12. Viking defeated by Black Knight BB++

    I hope this helps some of you guys
    Good luck everybody, let's kick this Viking's behind!
    Quote Originally Posted by bluefoxcrystal View Post
    Sweet! Congrats on getting viking!!!!! and....

    Thank you for the list. I used it to try and find the best more common dragons to use against each type and here goes:
    Storm= illusion, topaz, lightning, quartz, onyx
    Hunter= life, landworm, love, rainbow, pearl
    Pinata= bubble, deep, sapphire, charm, mask, ruby
    May= illusion, ruby, topaz, amethyst
    Melody=sapphire, amethyst, hook, onyx, rainbow, deep
    Saturn= Only one combo = Luck (the dragon)
    Avatar= same as melody.... Sapphire, amethyst, hook, onyx, rainbow, deep
    Rune= hook, onyx, mask, ruby, quartz
    Valkyrie= good luck if you don't have a champ
    Triple Rainbow= hunter, troll, hook, cheshire, fairytale
    Mercury= I just exploited the blue, because I'm assuming most don't have a diamond... Genie, topaz, any rainbow, amethyst.
    Viking= Illusion, topaz, amethyst, mask, double or triple rainbow

    I hope this helps us all get our vikings... An good luck
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    Viking Tournament - 5.2.2014

    rd1 - Storm 1 defeated by Air 10 B+++
    rd2 - Hunter 1 defeated by Forest 10 BM++
    rd3 - Pinata 4 defeated by Justice 6 B+++
    rd4 - May 7 defeated by Parakeet 10 M++B
    rd5 - Melody 10 defeated by Ruby 9 M+++
    rd6 - Saturn 10 defeated by Venetian 7 BM++
    rd7 - Avatar defeated by Lotus 8 BM++
    rd8 - Rune defeated by Justice 1 M++B
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    Lol kooky at the same time I also made the same thread

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    Must have this dragon!! Thank U TL for giving me a chance

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    I played, pre-selecting my dragon for the opponent I had lost to. Only after I was lined up did I realize it was no longer Metal13, but a teeny baby storm dragon! I totally missed what this was for!

    What is a "Viking" Dagon? What colors?

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    Thank you, dearest Kooky.

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    Lost to Storm with Aurora. Not a good start to this tournament. :-/

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    Uiii TL gives us the Viking as a price spike, Thank you thank you dear TL and team. Wish you all good luck and good fight. Thanks again for the congratulations from the last tournament.

    RD.1 Black Knight LV 8 B++++ win against Storm LV 1

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    RD1 Storm 1 defeated by Marshmellow 8 (BM+)

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    Round 1 : Storm (1) < Illusion (10) - BMM
    Round 2 : Hunter(1) < ForestFire (10) - BM++
    Round 3 : Pinata (2) < Topaz (6) - MB++
    Round 4 : May (7) < Jewelry (10) - M+++
    Round 5 : Melody (10) > Ruby (9) - MBB
    Round 5 : Melody (10) < Razorback (10) - MB++
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