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Thread: Current Known Bugs and Issues for Castle Story

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    There's a bug in the butterfly Grove. Levelled it to 6 and there's a 12 hour timer. Left my friend to collect whilst I was away and she called me in a panic telling me she couldn't collect (lol she knows I'm a cs addict) . Missed out on 6 collections. Btw when I did collect it gave me the 25 yellow butterflies and coins.

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    Panic over. Timer of butterfly Grove has been fixed and is now back 2 hour collections yeyyy. Thanks SW and s8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    There seems to be some mix up in the Faerie Atrium:

    Attachment 52803Attachment 52804

    The Butterfly Lantern Craft and the Grand Butterfly craft are off. I'm not sure if it's the materials or the descriptions that are incorrect, either way I won't feel comfortable trading any faeries until this is corrected.

    EDIT: I've confirmed that crafting the Grand Butterfly in the Atrium adds Grand Butterflies to our CE totals. So it seems as though it's just the descriptions under the craft image that need to be switched. But this has brought up a new issue: instead of giving 3 Grand Butterflies, the craft only added 1 to my CE total.
    i only received one GB too.

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    My Monalise is missing


    I have finished the Butterfly Fairies event with 1061 points. I remembered I got the Monalise this afternoon and I put it in my castle. But tonight when I open the game, the Monalise is missing
    I have finished the goals but strangely the ?Win Monalise? goal is still written 0/1, and the same happened with ?Welcome Mona? 0/1 even though my points are 1061.
    Please help.


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    There is still a "Welcome Monalise" goal in my storybook too. Since the event ended, there is no way I could "welcome" her in any way now, looks like she's stuck in there

    Can somebody take a look please?

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