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Thread: Current Known Bugs and Issues for Castle Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil98 View Post
    Hello! I recently expanded my game board. I used 3 explorer?s permits, enchanted lanterns, and $1.6 million to expand. It worked fine but then the game refreshed and I lost the expansion, lanterns, permits, and $1.6 million that I used to expand!! Help! I want my expansion, please! TIA!!!
    I see this has now been resolved.

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    Can S8 please remove the money bag from the plush bush.

    It wasn’t there before. Just appeared out of nowhere yesterday.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Edit: thanks for the fixing this.
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    I purchased the value pack that includes a pink flamingo. Now that I've reached goal 10, I can only place four flamingos instead of five. The value pack flamingo should have made the count six.

    Edit: Sorry, I think this is for bugs already resolved. I reposted in bugs.

    Thank you so much S8 for resolving this issue so quickly. I really appreciate it!
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    The romantic moat corners don't align with romantic moat pieces or romantic bridge-- no rotations work. Can this be fixed?
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    Hi! My castle story keeps crashing when I open it.
    I have the latest IOS update and all my other APPS open and run . I have forced closed/ quit, etc. multiple times.
    I have re-started my IPad multiple times, too, and reinstalled the game. What’s Up?


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