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Thread: Current Known Bugs and Issues for Castle Story

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    I have the same problem with the sweetshop and what is also misleading is that before I finished chapter 1, the sweetshop was locked so not possible to buy in the market and after I finished chapter 1 it unlocked in the market, so if I shouldn?t have but it untill chapter 2 begins why unlocking it in the market?

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    Problem with sweet shop.I obviously bought it too soon Can not precede any further.

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    I have the same problem with the Sweet Shop. I'm stuck and can't progress because it won't register that I've already bought and built the shop. Argh!

    So far, there seem to be about 20 or 30 people posting in the forum with the same problem, and I know many neighbors with the same issue as well, so I hope the bug is fixed soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellieofrivendell View Post
    Hello! A bunch of us are having the same problem at the Sweet Shop event: we bought and built the Sweet Shop before the second chapter began (it had a 12 hour timer after completing Chapter 1). Now, when Chapter 2 has started for us, it does not recognise the Sweet Shop and the first goal does not autocomplete. I have tried to put it in storage and force shut down, but still nothing. Also, I had colected from the Shop, that did not trigger the goal either. Since it can not be sold an re-bought, it seems we will be locked out of this event - which really seems unfair, since the shop was available to be bought and built. Why was it in the market if we weren't supposed to place until Chapter 2 began?

    I am having the same issue. The Sweet Shop should not have been available to buy if we weren?t supposed yet.
    Please help S8

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    Me too stuck in all 3 kingdoms.

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    I’ll add to the problem with the sweet shop. Stuck at the beginning of chapter 2

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    Ugh. Same problem: game let me purchase sweet shop and build it before Chapter 2 began. Now the game won?t recognize that I have, nor is there an option to purchase another sweet shop in the market: I have an iOS, version 12.0.1. I am playing Castle Story version 2.2. Please help! I have learned my lesson and will never play ahead! Stuck at Chapter 2, Goal 1 of 4. My kingdom is RenZen Keep.

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    Same here.
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    I have the same problem with the sweet shop also!

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    Adding myself to the list of people stuck with the Sweet Shop. Shouldn't of been available to purchase if we weren't supposed to buy it

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