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Thread: Current Known Bugs and Issues for Castle Story

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    I’ve been having lots of crashes lately as well. This is the only game it seems to affect, and the storage on my phone is not full. I am on an iPhone 6s plus. I do have a lot of items out. I have read posts that talk about storing things to help with crashing. What kinds of things should I try storing? Animated items? Walkers?
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    My game was clearing the cache almost every day and I ended up storing a lot of stuff that was animated, walls and all walkers. But given I'd spent gems on some, I only have some of the faeries out and a couple of others but 13 walkers only now on my board. What I found helped for me was getting rid of about 1500 cs photos I'd taken of goal screen shots and offloading a bucket load of unused apps. My game hasn't cleared the cache now for a few weeks and given I put out a heap of halloween deco was worried, but so far it's been behaving. I have an iphone 8+ for context. When it was crashing I still had quite a few GB of space left on my phone too.

    For anyone with continual crashing issues, you should reach out to support so they can check your individual circumstance. Those of with older kingdoms have always been particularly impacted by crashing. You don't need to reinstall to clear your cache, and S8 recommend only reinstalling if you're having graphic issues.

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