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Thread: Current Known Bugs and Issues for Castle Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChezSweet View Post
    Not sure if anyone is aware that the Grim Potion Shop crafting does NOT count towards the Autumn Wizard goals. I?m worried that neither the Grim Potion Shop nor the Grim Workshop may work for future events as well. S8 could you please look into this, thank you.
    Thank you for flagging - I went ahead and reported it to the team!

    Update: This should be fixed now!
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    In the current event - Seeking Fortunes, when I did the final upgrade I noticed in forum that some players were unable to do that task. When I got to that window it showed 'completed' in each of the materials needed. There was only one button below them marked 'Build'. However when I did that 200 gems were deducted from my total, then it gave me Tasha. I had thought the inability to upgrade was fixed, however I hink a new bug happened in the process, losing gems when tapping the upgrade button even though I had all the required items. Are you able to please let support (or whoever can fix this) know so it can be fixed before too many players encounter it. Thanks for listening.

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    The Grim workshops and Grim Potion shops are (once again) not counted during Weekday Warrior
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuicakes View Post
    The Grim workshops and Grim Potion shops are (once again) not counted during Weekday Warrior
    Sorry it wasn't included this week, I've forwarded this to the team. We'll make sure it's included for all of these going forward.
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    Tent Prize Neva is different from Neva

    Dear S8 staff,

    Neva (the Ice Queen) is a prize currently available in the Baron's tent this month. This is great because I love her, she drops icy items that I use regularly.

    Unfortunately, I have noticed that this Neva from the tent drops different items than the Neva from the Ice Queen event there is no icy drops..
    Sadly, I even got 2 from the tent...
    As you can see, these 2 have different entries in the inventory, with different descriptions.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Could you please add Snowflakes, Icy Snowball and Icicles to the drops for this new Neva? That would be wonderful. Thanks.

    Neva - (Card)
    Storable: Yes
    Info: Neva the Ice Queen! She has a chance to drop Snowflakes. Icy Snowballs, Icicles, and Glimmerdust!
    Type: Decoration
    Source: Event
    Class: Animals
    Size: 1x1
    Requirements: 150 Gems
    Sell: Item cannot be sold!
    Drops: Coins (500), Snowflakes, Icy Snowball, Icicles, Glimmerdust
    Events: The Ice Queen - January 2017, Christmas Sales - December 2017, Christmas Sales - December 2018, Christmas Sales - December 2019
    Collection: 480 minutes // 8 hours
    Collection Speed-up: 32 Gems
    Cap: 2
    Comments: Grand Prize from the Ice Queen event.
    Kingdom Name : Alain-land 🗿
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