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Thread: moving or storing items

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    henry la poulet

    moving or storing items

    Hi when your farm is full it is difficult to move things around or turn things around how about being able to store items such fence panels in the big store shed so they could be used later or to make room to turn other items around and maybe be able to suspend larger items such as buildings in mid air so things can be turned or moved

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    yes,i meet the same problem!!!i've wasted almost 200,000coins to sell the unused items...
    why not add "store" function??? so that ppl can store the items they bought for future use????

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    I agree totally! I've had to sell stuff to make room for moving, then buy it back later!! Anoying!!

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    How about giving the toolshed the functionality of storing some items (up to lets say 20 plots worth (20 trees, or 40 fences or 80 tiles / lamps worth))

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