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Thread: City Metro: New Suggestions

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    City Metro: New Suggestions

    What new items or themes would you like to see in your City?
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    How about changing seasons in the city ( winter, fall, ...)

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    New Wonders ?
    Some Like London Big Ben . Malaysia Petronas Twin Tower
    Tokyo Tower . I ❤ it~!

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    Cheaper Wonders,Like a Moai.

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    What about some national monuments like mount Rushmore etc.?

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    A baseball or softball field!

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    would love more water themes. Docks, and the ability to build larger beaches, moving boats, boardwalk, resort cabanas, tropical pools, Ferris wheel, carnival, theme parks.......... Basically the ability to build a resort and park beaches...... please and thank you!..... this game is fantastic

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    Beach would be nice, and ability to make bridges for cars over the river. Zoo? Path with pedestrians, so you can make larger parks with people walking there. Train/ metrostation, or even cable car?

    I must say I like more real-looking buildings, not those giant burgers, weird-looking toy store or post-office looking like mailbox -type of buildings...

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    I agree with what others are saying. More stuff involving the water, especially car bridges. Also is the level cap going to be removed any time soon? Also an increase in the energy cap. Like you reach level 31 you now have 31 energy? I'm not really able to build more things because I never have enough energy to manage all the properties I have now. Love the game so much though! Can't wait to level up more.

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    The ability to toggle the screen to show the coins and boxes above buildings or not.

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