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Thread: Level vs island ???

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    Question Level vs island ???

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone could clarify this for me?? For the challenge in zoo story 2 I have to reach 10th Island and my bubble mania game says I'm at level 52, what island would that be? and how will I know I've reached 10th island? I haven't found any info on this here on the forums.
    Love this game by the way although sometimes it can be really challenging.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I think 10th island is 55 thru 60. If you count each island from the beginning. I don't know why all reference is made to level rather than the a tula level number.

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    Yaharalady is right level 55 to 60 is co sidered island 10

    The reason is because when the game first started it used to go by island like 2.1 2.3 and so on but since then they made a lot of changes

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    Thx guys now at least I know I'm close to completion ��

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