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Thread: only goal is a slots goal making me reach level 13

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    I received this goal in my BS only. Mine is to reach level 10 in Slots. But the funniest thing was that after reaching level 8, I kept losing money. Previously I have $4000++ but now I'm left with $500+ only!! LOL! Had give up and uninstalled the game. =x

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    Is there actually a point to the slots game? It seems to me that the only way you gain experience points is by pressing spin!! I am on level 9 and am determined to get to level 10 and get my rewards, but I already know from my daughter that I will get another goal asking me to reach level 13, but I am so bored by the game that it will be deleted once level 10 is reached. I don't care how many gems TL will give me, it is a tediously awful game

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