View Poll Results: Do you want Home Design Story for Android & Kindle Fire?

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Thread: Do you want Home Design Story for Android & Kindle Fire?

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    Yes please, i've heard this game is great from a trusted iPhone user. i would really like to play with her and join in on the fun!

    Many thanks Team Lava, your games are the best.

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    when will this game be out for android TeamLava?? I really want to play this!!!

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    Mar 2012
    1. Hell yeah! Love love love this game!!

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    Jun 2012
    Although I can play with my new iPad, I still want to have it on my Android device and I want to vote on behalf of my sister as well, as she only has an Android device, and she is so eager to play this game, so please TL, make Home Design Story on Android as well ~ Thank you.

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    I Love,Love,Love Interior decorating and would love to play this game on my much longer do we have to wait Team Lava ??? Hoping it will be released soon !!!! Thanks

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    Jan 2012
    I would love to have it on my Android. I have an iPhone but I would much rather play it on my Galaxy S3. I hope it gets released soon!

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    Absolutely Yes!!!!!

    I'm so waiting for this game to be out on Android! With goals please

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    I'm not android but I hope android gets home design

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    Definitely I would love it on my Android!!!!! :-)

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    I need this game on Android. I'll be getting rid of my iPod for my galaxy phone. And I can't get it on my Android phone.

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