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    Question No gift button...


    My problem, I don't have a Giftbutton on the lower right, I can't sent gifts (material request) to my neighbors. i see the Button for a few seconds... than it is away...

    To sent Gold seems sometimes to work.

    I play on an IPad2, I deinstalled the game but it didn't changed anything. ;(

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    iOS 5.1.1

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    Gifts and material requests are separate items. You can only chose 3 neighbors a day to send gifts of gold. You can fill as many requests as you get per day, and you can send requests to people each day. It's recommended to not send more then 20-25 requests for maps each day, as it can clog up the system, and cause delays.
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    Ah okay, I have only to 'accept' the map request and they will send to the neighbors? Thanks for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greygull View Post
    You can only chose 3 neighbors a day to send gifts of gold.
    Only THREE? Seriously?! That's way too few. Why not let us send gold to all our friends?

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