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Thread: When I open Bakery Story it says your neighbor visited, you should gift them.

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    When I open Bakery Story it says your neighbor visited, you should gift them.

    I noticed everytime I open up Bakery Story you had a neighbor visit you and you should gift them. This happens after I initially open this app and begin sending gifts. When in fact I know my neighbor didn't visit. This neighbor that visited is either away on vacation, no longer playing or broke their phone. We can tell by their star rating declining. If teamlava knows which neighbor visited, then teamlava should write on their wall "If you are having problems accessing your bakery email" That way they are helping their longtime customers. That's my 2 cents.

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    This shows up on Android devices for [relatively] inactive players. I get it all the time. And if you try to send them the gift, it doesn't get sent because in the game you can still send them a gift.

    There was a discussion on this in another thread where TL was involved in trying to understand the issue. It appears they don't play Bakery Story on an Android device. TL did absolutely nothing to fix this problem.

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    Yeah, I've been getting the same message.

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    I get this message EVERY time I get into bakery story and it is always the same 2 people. They don' t visit my bakery several times a day I am sure. I d like to know what is going on. If I do send them "a thank you gift" like it says, does it count towards regular gifts and not let me send them another gift that day? It is getting a little annoying!

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