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Thread: Can someone please explain how the XP's work?

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    Can someone please explain how the XP's work?

    I'm slightly (a lot) confused.

    Example -

    Cherry Vanilla - Red Crop Tops & Shorts

    200 coins - This is how much it costs to purchase these tops
    +9xp - What does this mean?
    + 600 coins - This is how much money you'll get once all of the tops have been purchased?

    Red Short Shorts

    165 cost of shorts
    + 500 coins

    What's the difference between the 9xp and the 10xp?
    Also you get more coins for the Crop Tops than you do for the Short Shorts, but then you get less XP's?

    I think I understand that "liking" and collecting the "thumbs up" increases your points to move toward the next level, but what is the breakdown exactly? because although I get more money, my XP on my profile only goes up by 1?

    Sorry, I hope this is clear, I'm not sure if I've explained it very well!

    Or if you can direct me to where there is a breakdown on all of this - I'd be most grateful.

    Thanks : )

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    Xp are the amount of yellow stars that go towards yr next level of play. U get them when u order and accept likes and also when u visit neighbors. All the items including within the same outfit have different values as determined by Team Laava. That's why it's good to order items with a higher xp value but those usually take longer like 12 16 hours or more. U also have to mix it up and have a variety of items not just the high value stuff else customers leave with tHose purple broken hearts. Hope this helps some. : ).

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    Yes it most definitely helps. Thank you : )

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